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Oss Tållåst - Coffee Bar

The fragrance of freshly baked goods and newly ground coffee wafts out as you enter Oppdal’s only coffee bar; Oss Tållåst.

With the bakery located in the back room, the path from the oven to your table is short. Simple lunch dishes and home-baked cakes are served in addition to the baker's sweet rolls and cinnamon rolls. 
You may well spend a little extra time at Oss Tållåst. It is warm and nice, and the atmosphere is casual and cosy. During the summer half of the year, you can also sit outside on the porch. Follow Oss Tållåst on Facebook, - concerts are sometimes held here. Don't miss it. Oss Tållåst! 

Oss Tållåst is the Oppdal dialect for - talk to you later! Said when leaving.

Monday - Friday: 08-16
Saturday: 08-17
Sunday: Closed

Source: Trøndelag Reiseliv AS


Oss Tållåst - Coffee Bar

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