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Mathall Trondheim Mathall Trondheim
Mathall Trondheim.
Photo: Marius Rua

Mathall Trondheim

Mathall Trondheim (Trondheim Food Hall) has a shop, restaurant and coffee bar offering the best of local and organic food and drink from Trøndelag under one roof.

With countless food producers on both a small and large scale spanning a wide range of local products, Trøndelag can rightly be called Norway’s leading food region. For many people, a visit to Trøndelag means an opportunity to eat local and organic food. During 2015 alone, more than 20 new restaurants and eateries opened in Norway’s food city Trondheim, many focusing on local food of various varieties. Trondheim Food Hall opened its doors in June 2015, significantly increasing the availability of local food.

The taste of Trøndelag in one shop

Trondheim Food Hall is located in impressive and spacious premises in Bøndernes Hus in Prinsens Gate. Trondheim Food Hall is run as one shop, combining all the food products in one part of the building. As Trøndelag has many small-scale producers that are unable to run their own sales outlet, this model ensures that all producers are represented in the food hall. In addition to local food, there is a selection of Norwegian and foreign goods.

During the summer, you can visit several markets in Trøndelag and get your hands on locally produced food from local farmers. Trondheim Food Hall offer you exactly the same range all year round. There is a large fruit and vegetable counter and most of the product range is locally sourced. You will find a fresh and exciting range of fruit and vegetables, which varies according to the season. These fruits and vegetables have loads of flavour, most are not packaged in plastic and most have travelled only a short distance.

There is also a wide selection of cheese and dairy products from producers including Gangstad Gårdsysteri, Orkladal Ysteri, Hitra Gårdsmat, Munkeby Kloster, Grindal and Rørosmat. You can buy everything from Grotteost (cave cheese) and blue cheese to white cheese and sharp cheese.





Meat and fish products are also well represented in the food hall with fresh food counters as well as refrigerators. Trondheim Food Hall stocks meat from farms with a focus on the animals having a good life. You will find venison from Trøndelag breeders that let the deer graze outside in their natural habitat, lamb from Norwegian villsau (wild sheep) and pork from pigs that lived in the forest. You can buy everything from the homemade fish cakes and fresh blue mussels to tasty sausages and traditionally tenderised meat.

Gulating Ølutsalg

On the ground floor of the food hall, you will find beer specialist Gulating Ølutsalg. The product range covers 300-400 varieties of beer, many of which are from local producers and other Norwegian craft breweries. Gulating also stocks a good selection of classic and exciting beers from USA, Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic and England. Not only is this the largest sales outlet for beer from Trøndelag, the people who work here are very knowledgeable about what beer is best suited to the food you plan to serve.

Restaurant, aquavit bar and coffee bar

Upstairs, you will find a restaurant and aquavit bar. The restaurant serves dishes based on Trøndelag culinary traditions. The favourites include casseroles and fish soup. The aquavit bar was opened in response to customer demand, and mostly stocks Norwegian aquavit.

The coffee bar, which is located on the ground floor, serves locally roasted coffee and locally produced milk. In the morning you can buy freshly packed lunches, while ready-to-go options and light meals are available at lunchtime.

Enjoy local food with the locals in Trondheim

More and more restaurants in Trondheim goes local, ecological, raw or vegetarian. Here are a few suggestions.