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Getting here and around.
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Getting to and around the Trondheim region

Situated in the middle of Norway, Trondheim is the perfect base for exploring Trøndelag (the region) – and the city can easily be reached by air, train or bus.

Fly to Trondheim

Trondheim is situated on the E6, with Oppdal to the south and Stjørdal to the north. Stjørdal is home to Trondheim Airport Værnes, which has direct flights to virtually every airport in Norway.

The airport is constantly growing, with new direct flight connections with destinations in Europe being added each year. At the end of 2015, the airport had direct flights to and from London, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Berlin, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Alicante, Krakow and Dubrovnik, among other destinations.

See the complete overview of direct flights from Europe to Trondheim Airport Værnes. 

Airport Express Coach from Trondheim Airport Værnes

Trondheim Airport Værnes is relatively small, so it does not take long from when you land until you have collected your baggage and are ready for the final leg into the city.

Two different companies offer direct bus services into Trondheim. Værnes-ekspressen is an express service with no stops until you reach downtown Trondheim. The Trondheim Airport Express Coach operates a more conventional route stopping at all relevant bus stop son the way into Trondheim and in the actual city centre.

Trondheim Central Station and Trondheim Express Boat Terminal

Both airport bus services stop at Trondheim Central Station, from where you may continue your journey by city bus, regional bus or train. NSB offer both local and regional train service. 

Not far from the central station you will find the Trondheim Express Boat Terminal. From here you can travel by boat to several destinations on the Fosen peninsula, to the islands of Hitra and Frøya and the archipelago off Frøya. There is also a daily express boat service between Trondheim and Kristiansund.

Bus services to and around Trondheim

As is the case with other public transport in Sør-Trøndelag, the city buses in Trondheim are administered by AtB. Visit the company’s website for an overview of the city buses in Trondheim and the regional buses in Sør-Trøndelag.

Hurtigruten and Trondheim Cruise Port

Every year Hurtigruten transports hundreds of thousands of passengers on the coastal voyage between Bergen and Kirkenes. The ships call at Trondheim daily in both directions.

The southbound Hurtigruten arrives in Trondheim at 6:30am and departs at 10am, while the northbound Hurtigruten arrives in Trondheim at 6am and departs at 12 noon.

In recent years, the Port of Trondheim has become increasingly popular among cruise lines, with nearly 60 cruise calls annually. Several cruise lines have used Trondheim as a turnaround port, and in 2016 Pullmantur Cruises has chosen Trondheim as a turnaround port for three of its cruises.

Car parking in Trondheim 

If you drive to Trondheim and need to park your vehicle, you will find suitable parking at several places in the city centre. You can choose between basement car parks, roof-top car parks and ordinary outdoor parking spaces. If you have a smartphone, you can download the “LedigP” app for an overview of vacant car parks and the “SmartPark” app to make paying for your car parking easier.

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