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Skansen railway bridge

Trains from Røros and Oslo cross the preserved Skansen railway bridge just before arriving at Trondheim Central Station.

Skansen railway bridge in the city centre of Trondheim and the monumental Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco have something in common. They are both designed by the same architect - Joseph B. Strauss (b. January 9th, 1870  d. May 16th, 1938).

Daily use

Skansen railway bridge is the only one of its kind in Norway. There are only a small amount of bridges with the same construction as the Skansen railway bridge  left in the world. Consequently, the bridge enjoys a special position as a preserved cultural heritage, a status given by the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage Management.

Southbound trains to and from Trondheim cross the Skansen railway bridge every day and the bridge is lifted on specific times each day to let boats pass to or from the canal.

Great for photographers

Skansen railway bridge has become popular with photographers from all over the world. The bridge is within walking distance from the city centre. Follow the river from Ravnkloa or stroll through the cobbled streets of Hospitalsløkka and Ila to reach Skansen railway bridge.

Why not stop at the restaurant Lille Skansen to enjoy the beautiful views of the bridge, the lighthouse and Munkholmen in the Trondheim fjord?

My Trondheim

«Welcome to my city, Trondheim  –  a city which offers an incredible amount of historical and contemporary sights. I enjoy taking my guests to see well-known places such as Nidarosdomen Cathedral, Sverresborg and Ringve Museum. But there are also many gems and new experiences that can best be brought to life for visitors when they see the city from a «native»’s point of view. For many years my Norwegian and foreign visitors have been both surprised and inspired by what is found up here at 63 degrees northern latitude.» Randi Wenche Haugen