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Munkholmen, Trondheim Munkholmen, Trondheim
Munkholmen, Trondheim.
Photo: Monica Selnes

Places to swim, sunbath and picknick in the Trondheim region

You will find many nice places to swim in and around Trondheim in lakes as well as the sea. Here is an overview of the options.

Freshwater swimming in lakes

Vikaengene beach is at the lake Selbusjøen in downtown Selbu, a 30-minute drive from Stjørdal and 1 hour from Trondheim. Vikaengene is a 5 km long sandy beach with a gradual slop making it ideal for families with young children. There is plenty of space for everyone. There are no facilities at the beach, but an outside toilet is located at the car park. Drive on county route no. 705 in the direction of Selbu then turn off towards Vikvarvet and drive approx. 2.5 km.

Kyvannet is a lake situated in the recreation area Bymarka. Facilities include benches, which have been set up at several places around the lake, a diving tower and toilets. It’s also possible to fish in the lake. Bus no. 8 stops nearby.

Hestsjøen is a lake located in Leinstrandmarka in Trondheim. There is a nice grassy field by the lake and facilities here include a swimming platform with diving tower, barbecue area, picnic tables and benches. It’s also possible to fish in the lake.

Lianvannet is a lake situated in the recreation area Bymarka in Lian not far from downtown Trondheim. There is a large grassy area ideal for playing and sunbathing, a swimming platform and several barbecue areas. If you bring your rod, the fish may bite.

Selbu, Selbusjøen
Selbusjøen, Selbu
Marius Rua
Ladestien, Trondheim
Ladestien, Trondheim
Marius Rua
Lian, Trondheim
Lian, Trondheim

Saltwater swimming in the sea

Storvika and Molovika, Stjørdal: Storvika, which is located just outside the town centre, is Stjørdal’s most popular beach for swimming. Storvika faces the Trondheimsfjorden and in summer has sun well into the evening. This sandy beach has a gradual slope making it a safe option for younger children. Storvika is popular among families, school groups, kindergartens and tourists alike. This is an excellent recreation area with rocks, forest, paths and grass areas. There is a beach volleyball court and a barbecue area with picnic tables and benches, as well as toilet facilities. A kiosk is open in summer selling drinks, snacks and fast food. There is a car park close to the beach, but note that a parking fee applies in summer. Camping is not permitted. To get here, drive past the marina towards the Stjørdal port. There is also a public toilet at the marina.

Midtsandtangen, Malvik: Midtsandtangen is situated in Malvik near Storsand Camping. Midtsandtangen underwent a major renovation a few years ago and is now a popular recreation area. The beach slopes very gently making it perfect for families. You will find something to eat as well as toilet facilities at the Pæra beach café. Pæra is open from June to September and in the peak season is open every day from 11.30am to 5.30pm.

Munkholmen, Trondheim: If you make it out to the small island of Munkholmen in the Trondheimsfjord, you will find nice places to swim, a café, wonderful recreation areas and grassy fields. You need to travel by boat to get here. The boat departs from Ravnkloa at the bottom of Munkegata on the hour from 10am to 6pm in summer. Wheelchair users require assistance to board the boat, but wheelchair access out on the actual island is good. Barbecues are permitted outside the walls.

Korsvika, Lade: Korsvika is situated by the Strindfjord. The area comprises mostly of a sandy beach and coastal rocks with large grassy area for playing and sunbathing. This is regarded as a child-friendly place to swim. Facilities include picnic tables, benches, fire places and toilets, and there is good access for wheelchair users. If you like rock climbing, you can test your skills at Kjerringberget. Bus no. 3 and 4 to Lade both stop nearby.

Ringvebukta, Lade: The bay Ringvebukta is situated on the Lade peninsula in Trondheim. You will find a sandy beach, coastal rocks and large grassy areas here, along with picnic tables, benches and fire places. Wheelchair users will require some assistance, but the area is relatively accessible. Refreshments can be purchased at Sponhuset.

Devlebukta, Lade: The bay Devlebukta is situated by the Strindfjord, and comprises coastal rocks and grassy fields. This area is good for fishing, but is relatively inaccessible for wheelchair users. Picnic tables and benches have been erected here.

Djupvika, Lade: Djupvika is situated by the Strindfjord. You will find a beach volleyball court, large grassy fields, coastal rocks, picnic tables and benches here. The area is also accessible for wheelchair users.

Hansbakkfjæra, Ranheim: Hansbakkfjæra is a beach situated at Ranheim, which has been adapted to improve access for people with disabilities. You will find grassy fields, coastal rocks, sandy beaches and a swimming platform here.

Hitratangen, Ranheim: Hitratangen is situated by the Strindfjord near Ranheim in Trondheim. The area comprises a sandy beach and grassy fields and is accessible for wheelchair users.

Væresbukta, Ranheim: Væresbukta and Væresholm are situated near Ranheim. Both are accessible for wheelchair users, and fireplaces/barbeque areas have been developed.

Sjøbadet, Brattøra: The sea bath “Sjøbadet” is situated at Brattøra in downtown Trondheim. There is a swimming platform, diving tower and separate sections for men and women to sunbathe nude.

Useful information about places to swim in Trondheim

Trondheim bydrift is responsible for ensuring the various beaches and swimming areas maintain a good standard and are in keeping with the regulations. Everyone has a responsibility to tidy up before they leave so that other visitors also have a pleasant experience.

Toilet facilities are located at the following places to swim: Korsvika, Ringvebukta, Devlebukta, Rotvoll, Hansbakken, Hestsjøen, Lian, Haukvannet, Brennebukta, Djupvika, Theisendammen, Estenstadammen, Være, Kyvannet and Munkholmen.

The following places have a swimming platform: Lianvannet, Theisendammen, Estenstadammen, Hansbakken and Hestsjøen (swimming platform and diving tower)

You can find communal barbecue facilities at Estenstaddammen, Rotvollbukta and Nedre Leirfoss.

NB: The lake Jonsvatnet is a source of drinking water and consequently swimming is not permitted.