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Liu Ai Yin from Taipei in Taiwan Liu Ai Yin from Taipei in Taiwan
Liu Ai Yin from Taipei in Taiwan.
Photo: Karl Eirik Haug/Making Waves
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To a lot of people Scandinavia is somewhere on the opposite side of the globe. This year exchange student Liu Ai Yin from Taipei in Taiwan is reading economics at The University of Helsinki in Finland. She had the idea to bring over some of her Taiwanese family members for a fun holiday in Norway.

What do you post from Norway on Facebook now?
“I share iPhone snapshots of us standing in front of huge snowdrifts. It can hardly be more exotic for our friends back in Taiwan.”

What have you been looking forward to see the most?
“The Viking ships at the museum at Bygdøy. Beside studying economics, I am also into history as a hobby. I find it fascinating that such important vessels from a long time ago have been preserved and that one is able to actually walk around them.”

Why did you choose Norway for your holiday?
“I was thinking about going to France or England for my holiday. Then a fellow student in Helsinki told me that Norway’s nature and culture are substantially different from both mainland Europe the other Scandinavian countries.”

How was your first impression?
“There are many cool and unexpected outdoor sport activities to pick, and the climate is sometimes a bit warmer than imagined.”

How is the food?
“New Nordic cuisine seems to have quite a similar attitude to fresh food cooking as we have in Asia. It is the same, but different of course. My experience so far is that restaurants here serve modern and healthy food.” Read more about Norwegian food

What does skiing mean to you?
“Skiing is among those things that make Norway a fun destination, but it still seems quite strange to us since we are here for only a few days. There is obviously a lot to explore.” Read more about skiing in Norway

What will you take home?
“A local knitted wool cap with a bubble on its top, in a traditional design with a modern take.” Read more about Norwegian design

What would you like to bring home that doesn’t fit into your hand luggage?
“New Norwegian design furniture that we have admired in shops here.” Read more about Norwegian design and architecture.

What effect has Norway had on you?
“Until now we have all been smiling and laughing a lot. We constantly experience many things, colours and tastes that are new and exciting to us.”

What will you tell your friends about your holiday?
“Norway is how we like it in Taiwan: Clean and delicate.” Read more about hotels and other places to stay.

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