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Delfien Cocquyt and Fien Sinove from Belgium Delfien Cocquyt and Fien Sinove from Belgium
Delfien Cocquyt and Fien Sinove from Belgium.
Photo: Karl Eirik Haug/Making Waves
Travel Trade

Belgian small school teachers Delfien Cocquyt and Fien Sinove from Gent are best friends. The devote travellers finance frequent exotic holidays with weekend babysitting.

How did you get the idea to go to Norway?
“We like to travel together and have been visiting many cool places. This time we were looking for something different. On the web we found a good roundtrip offer.”

What was your first impression of Norway?
“Cute children with a lot of cute winter clothing”

What kind of images do you post from Norway?
“Us with cute children”

Where have you been so far?
“Around Oslo, where we realised that every sight can be reached in 20 minutes. We also have high expectations for the wooden city of Bergen and a three hour fjord cruise there, before returning to Belgium.”

What kind of food did you expect to find in Norway?
“A lot of fish. We like fish, but we were a little bit scared.” Read more about seafood in Norway

What food did you find?
“Kitchens from the whole world. Even perfect cooked French fries. We Belgians can barely live without chips.”

What did you discover about sports?
“That you don’t have to ski to enjoy winter in Norway, although the possibilities are endless.”

How did people back home react to your Norwegian travel plans?
“Mostly that we were crazy because they thought Norway is cold and far away. Like: You want to see the world? Go to Italy. But no. Norway is refreshingly different.”

What will you tell about Norway?
“Norway is the country of greats views and quietness, a break from the noisy place where we live which is overcrowded by cars. The crystal white snow makes it all seem bright and beautiful. The sound of the crispy snow when we walk reminds us of our childhood.”

Will you ever come back to Norway?
“Yes, in the summertime.” Read more about seasons and climate in Norway

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