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Outdoor enthusiast Gabriel Reboul from Aix-en-Provence in the south of France, is running a salad bar back home. Green thinking is one of Norway’s strengths according to this snowboarder, who has quickly become addicted to the relaxed Norwegian lifestyle.

How was your perception of Norway prior to your first trip?
“Given that my grandmother is of Norwegian heritage, I was introduced to Norway, Norwegian culture and the benefits of Norwegian way of life already as a kid, and I fell in love with it.”

So what is so great about Norway?
“First of all, tourists will quickly discover that Norwegians are very relaxed. People here are cool and open-minded. The occasional arrogance I have experienced elsewhere simply doesn’t exist here.” Read more about the Norwegian way of life

What do you like to do in Norway?
“I prefer to do the same activities as the locals, such as all types of winter fun, including snowboarding. In the summertime, I enjoy hiking, and of course the increasingly popular local sport among young people; fishing in rivers and in the ocean.

What images do you post on social media from Norway?
“Landscapes, because Norwegian scenery is something special. I also post snapshots of lively nights out in Oslo.”

As a green salad restaurateur, what do you think about eating out in Norway?
“Well, at first sight, there is the traditional Norwegian fondness for the local sausages. Then you have the ‘new style’ cuisine, based on fresh, healthy ingredients from the New Nordic Cuisine. Norwegian chefs getting international reputations, like their Danish and Swedish counterparts, is a positive and increasing phenomenon.” Read more about food in Norway.

What do your French friends ask about Norway?
“They wonder if it´s complete darkness all year long, whether all Norwegians are alcoholics, and if people here kill each other or just commit suicide. They are all wrong of course. But then again, many French people also firmly believe that Oslo is the capital of Finland.”

Any favourite Norwegian gifts for friends in France?
“A popular item to bring back home is the local cheese called «Den blinde ku» («The blind cow»). This cheese is particularly popular because it’s made in an artisanal manner. Dried moose meat is also a hit. Once I also brought 3 kilos of salmon for my friends in the restaurant business, and they were extremely happy about it.”

Anything else that ties you to Norway?
“Well, I have met a girl here that I intend to marry.”

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