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Høyt og Lavt Sørum Aktivitetspark Høyt og Lavt Sørum Aktivitetspark
Høyt og Lavt Sørum Aktivitetspark.
Photo: Høyt og Lavt Sørum Aktivitetspark
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These are some of the new activities and attractions of 2016

Summer should be filled with fun for kids of all ages, and Norway is packed with new adventures – a crocodile exhibit, a 90 metre long zipline, and almost everything in between.

Published: 2. June 2016

The Crocodile Exhibit in Bjørneparken (Bear Park)

As if bears, elks and lynx weren’t enough, Bjørneparken in Flå now has Norway’s largest crocodile exhibit. Learn about the fascinating animals that have populated the earth since the dinosaurs ruled, and help with the feeding of hungry crocodiles.

Bjørneparken (Bear Park) is located in Flå, about one and a half hour drive from Oslo.

A journey through exciting waters

Norway’s largest amusement park TusenFryd presents news for adrenaline junkies of all ages. The attraction “Ragnarok” offers 500 metres of waterfalls, whirlpools and other surprises. With a riverbed consisting of 1.3 million liters of water and two large pumps that each push 2200 liters of water per second, this is undoubtedly one of the coolest water-based attractions in Norway.

TusenFryd is located in Follo, about 20 kilometres from Oslo city centre.

Airy family fun

Test your skills in a total of 1150 metres of climbing courses mounted in trees and poles in Valldal Aktivitetespark (Valldal Adventurepark). The courses come in four different difficulty levels, and in 2016 a brand new and airy trail was launched. The park has also expanded with a new training course and a playground for the smallest kids.

Valldal Aktivitetespark is located eight kilometres outside of Valldal, towards Trollstigen.

Zipline in Polar Park

Polar Park is the world’s northernmost zoo and home to wolves, brown bears and lynx. The park specialises in animals from the northern forests and the treeless tundras. New in 2016 is “Across the river”, a zipline that offers 90 metres of excitement over a river.

Polar Park is located in Salangsdalen in Bardu municipality, 184 kilometres south of Tromsø.

Heavenly fun on the spaceship Aurora

At the spaceship Aurora at Andøya Space Center you get the chance to do research on the northern lights and take a journey halfway to the moon. In the summer of 2016, the learning and discovery centre launches several fascinating experiments focusing on technology, space and physics.

The Spaceship Aurora is located in Andøya Space Center in Vesterålen.

A different kind of sledging slope

Foldvik Family Park in Stavern offers 50 different things to see and do. Here, the focus is on rural fun in the countryside, close encounters with cute animals and many outdoor based activities. New in 2016 is “Akebakken” (the sledging slope), a double terrain slide where children can hurtle down on huge inflatable rings – with no water involved.

Foldvik Family Park is located near Stavern, about 10 kilometres from Larvik in Vestfold.

Highflying fun

No less than 224 items and 11 climbing courses await you in the climbing park Høyt og Lavt Sørum Akitvitetspark. From 2016 you can test five brand new climbing options. The park also has a 26 metre high tower, for those who dear to venture to the top…

Høyt og Lavt Sørum Aktivitetspark is located in Akershus, only a half hour drive north of Oslo.

Try adventure golf

“Adventure Golf” has been a hit around Europe and has now reached Hallingdal. The brand new 12-hole golf course includes items and installations inspired by Ål and Hallingdal, and is undoubtedly a new and different summer activitiy for the whole family.

Eventyrgolf (adventure golf) is a part of Hallingdal Holiday Park in Ål i Hallingdal.

Be a Viking for a day

According to written sources, King Harald Fairhair chose Avaldsnes as his royal seat in 870. In the activity program “Viking for a day” you can dress up as a Viking and experience what it was like to be a child in the Viking Age, what they played with and how they managed to carry swords and heavy shields.

“Viking for a day” is offered at Avaldsnes in Karmøy.

Norway’s first elk stall

At Langedrag naturpark (Langedrag Nature Park), abundant wildlife and the opportunity to meet reindeer, wolves, lynx and musk awaits. From 2016 you can experience the world of the moose in Norway’s first elk stable and help feed these regal giants of the forest.

Langedrag Naturpark is located just south of Tunhovd in Nore and Uvdal in Buskerud.

Dive into Sauda’s mining history

In conjunction with the National Tourist Route Ryfylke, world-renowned Swiss architect Peter Zumthor has designed the new buildings in the old zinc mines of Sauda. The facilities include a mining history museum and a café.

Allmannajuvet is located in Sauda in Ryfylke.

The tree of life

Did you know that the photosynthesis is the basis of all life? In January 2016, the exhibition “The Fantastic Tree” opened at Norsk Skogmuseum (The Norwegian Forest Museum). The exhibition presents the growth of a tree, and to show how spectacular the photosynthesis is, a nine-metre long acrylic wall is showing the inside of a leaf​​.

Norsk Skogmuseum is located in Elverum.


At Nordre Trandem farm in Rømskog you can get a close encounter with sheep, ponies and horses, as well as the two lamas Tiril and Lisa. From 2016, you can visit a farm shop and a café where the owners’ focus on clean food is reflected in self-produced honey, carrot marmalade and many other goodies.

Nordre Trandem farm is located in Rømskog in Østfold.

Norway’s “coolest” activity

Atlanterhavsparken in Ålesund is one of Northern Europe’s largest saltwater aquariums and a showcase of life along the Norwegian coast and in the Atlantic Ocean. New in 2016 is the park “Norway’s coolest activity” where you can see and touch everything from starfish to crayfish and sea urchins. Try your hand at crab fishing and join the feeding of seals and penguins.

Atlanterhavsparken – Ålesund Aquarium is located in Tueneset, only three kilometres from Ålesund city centre.

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