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Bamsrudlåven Bamsrudlåven
Photo: Sigve Aspelund (Tinagent)/ HANEN.NO
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From basic to exclusive

What is special for the region you visit when talking about food and refreshments?

Local food and local food culture are important for many of HANEN's cafés and restaurants. You will find everything from the very basic to the most exclusive and outstanding gourmet food. And most of the time it is a short way from the fields, mountains, forests or the sea to your plate or glass.

You can visit a large selection of farm produce shops throughout the entire country. Here you can look at, taste and buy the special food and drink products from the area you are visiting.

Then you can make your own meals when you come home or to your cabin or apartment and recall the memories from you visit.

The range of cafés and restaurants is equally varied from farm restaurants in a barn or lavvo or maybe outdoors, to the most inviting up-market restaurants that are out of the ordinary. Here you can enjoy the local food and drinks in the right surroundings and atmosphere. A perfect combination!
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Akre Matopplevelser
Akre Matopplevelser
Photo: Anders Nyhuus / HANEN.NO
Eiker Gårdsysteri
Eiker Gårdsysteri
Eiker Gårdsysteri/HANEN.NO
Grøndalen gårdsmeieri
Grøndalen gårdsmeieri
Photo: Marte Garmann / HANEN.NO
Hemlaga på Næs
Hemlaga på Næs
Photo: June Persdatter Martinsen / HANEN.NO
Brimi Sæter
Brimi Sæter
Photo: Cathrine Dokken / HANEN.NO
Svanøy Røykeri
Photo: David Zadig / HANEN.NO

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