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We Norwegians like to hike – a lot. In Norway, people of all ages love to go outdoors and go hiking. Up small hills and massive mountains, down deep valleys, along the coast and into tranquil forests. In sunny weather or pouring rain, and in most seasons. Find inspiration for your next Norwegian hike below!

From marked trails and popular attractions to wild and untamed mythical landscapes, its stunning varied scenery has earned Norway a well-deserved reputation as a major hiking destination.

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... which means have a great hike (in Norwegian)!

Norway is a long country with vast distances, so when you plan your hiking adventure in Norway, we recommend that you focus on one region or a specific area. Regardless of where you go, you'll have plenty of trails and destinations from which to choose.

The most iconic hikes are visited by people worldwide and might sometimes be a crowded, especially at the height of the tourist season from mid-June to the end of August. However, if you hit the trails during weekdays or at other times of the year, you will encounter fewer people and have more space for yourself. 

Be aware that many of these hikes are long and extremely challenging, and all of them require a certain level of fitness. The Preikestolen and Gaustatoppen hikes are the easiest of these hikes, and most suitable as full-day hikes for families. The other hikes listed here are only suitable for experiences hikers. 

Remember to always wear proper footwear and carry essential hiking gear. 

Hike everywhere

There are many other hikes in stunning locations that are just as spectacular as the most iconic hikes. Some are easy to access, while others may be more challenging. In Norway, you can find hikes that fit everyone.

Most trails are marked according to difficulty, so make sure you pick a route that suits your fitness level.

Practical hiking tips

Norway is an incredible place to explore. But before you embark on a journey in the outdoors, do familiar ise yourself with the Norwegian mountain code’s nine simple rules to help you stay safe (listed above).

Hiking is a great activity for everyone in the family, and you don't necessarily need much equipment. But good shoes and respect for the weather is mandatory. Always check the weather forecast at before you go. 

You should also take a moment to check the practicalities. When packing for an outdoor adventure you should always expect the unexpected and be prepared, as the scouts say. Regardless of the conditions when you set off, remember that the weather can change quickly – especially in the mountains.

Things to bear in mind

Norway gives you almost almost unhindered access to the countryside as long as you tread lightly and leave no trace. Check out our guidelines on the right to roam in Norway.

Make sure to respect wildlife and birdlife while visiting, and keep your distance. Most animals in Norway are harmless, but some could cause injury if you get too close, including moose and musk ox (the latter is only found in The Dovrefjell mountains). If you see them, or other wildlife like reindeer and eagles, you should always keep your distance and don't disturb them. 

If you wish to discover more about the wildlife in a safe and responsible way join a guided wildlife safari!


With so much beauty to see, we understand if you want to capture your memories on video! But make sure to familiarise yourself with the Norwegian drone rules first. A lot of places in Norway have restrictions for the use of drones, and you may receive a hefty fine if you get caught breaking them, especially in protected nature and national parks.

National parks

Do you like to explore true wilderness? Our 47 national parks, which are free and open to the public all year round, for exceptional recreational adventures. Please observe and respect the individual rules for each park. Some might have restrictions on especially vulnerable areas. 

Hike + kos = love

Many Norwegians have grown up with hiking as a natural part of their weekend, with many families having the habit of heading out together on Sundays, for example. Not so surprising then that hiking is closely linked to kos (cosiness) – the unique Norwegian word for having a lovely time. 

You should also bring your whole family on your adventures. There are many short and easy hikes throughout Norway, just ask the locals for a hike that suits you. 

10 hiking tips for families with children

Universal access

Exploring nature should be open to everyone. Norway also still has a ways to go to make more nature experiences more accessible.

But an increasing number of trails are being universally designed to be more accessible for wheelchairs, walkers, and strollers. In recent years, several outstanding  routes have been constructed, such as the Tretoppveien boardwalk in Hamaren Activity park in Fyresdal in Telemark and Stovnertårnet in Oslo.

Here are some recommended trails for you to check out:

Next level hiking

If you are craving a proper challenge, there are many ways to go hiking. Step it up in one of Norway’s spectacular mountain stairways, or join a guided trek on one of our beautiful glaciers.

If you like airy experiences, we recommend trying one of Norway's many via ferratas! You can also combine hiking with exploring mighty waterfalls and rivers, on a guided canyoning hike.

Where to stay?

In the latest years, staying in unique cabins or at cool locations has grown very popular in Norway, and you can book a night at such a place all around the country!

The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) also runs more than 550 affordable hiking cabins all over Norway, giving you ample options for good and reasonably priced accommodation on your hiking holiday. DNT offers three types of cabins: staffed lodges, self-service cabins, and no-service cabins. Hike from cabin to cabin along the coast, in the forests, and in the mountains.

Numerous private persons also rent out cabins all over the country, offering convenient and affordable accommodation for hikers. Many are fairly basic, but don’t be surprised if you come across a hiking lodge with a fancy look – ambitious architects have designed quite a few in recent years. And if you want a little bit of rural luxury, there is no shortage of cosy mountain lodges  and cabins to choose from.

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