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Free ways to experience Norway – from home

The best things in life is actually free! And if you cannot travel and visit Norway in person at the moment, how about experiencing it from home?

1. Learn the noble art of "kos"

The Norwegian word “kos” means the kind of instant happiness you get when you feel safe, warm, and happy, alone or together. Norwegians are experts when it comes to enjoying themselves both outdoors and indoors, as the winter in Norway can last for up to eight months in some places. Think atmospheric lighting, the right music, candles, soft pillows, and clothes that are more comfortable than Instagram-friendly.

2. Have a break – have a waffle!

Waffles = “kos”, which we need a lot of right now. Try making them yourself with our recipe – unless your Norwegian girlfriend already has a secret one?

If you don’t have a waffle iron, you can pour the batter into a frying pan and make a thick pancake, which will turn out quite similar to the Norwegian ferry favourite “svele”. Enjoy with butter, or jam and sour cream. The brown cheese will have to wait until you get here in person.

3. Try out Norwegian “friluftsliv”

Copy many Norwegians favourite activity and get into the great outdoors – go for a hike, a jog, or a bike trip. Not only is it good for your physical and mental health, but it can also help keep the peace indoors. Pass others at a distance – at least two metres – but feel free to bring a friend along - via your cool, new air pods and your phone.

If you can’t go out, try picnicking in your garden or on your balcony, if you have one.

4. Let the trolls and Vikings into your living room

Yes, it is absolutely best to see real Viking ships and authentic Viking sites up close. But a good second choice is to get the Viking Period right into your living room, through popular tv series like “Vikings” (HBO) and “Norsemen” (Netflix)?

You can also dive deep into stories about the Norwegian "trolls" and bingewatch the newest films about these mysterious creatures that have been mentioned in Norwegian fairytales and folklore through hundreds of years!

5. Read a Norwegian book

Norwegian history also have some slightly more bestial sides, like our love for crime novels. Easter time is the peak season for murders and mysteries in Norway, but you can always snuggle up under a blanket in the sofa, or close to the fireplace with a good book. At international online bookstores, you’ll find well-known Norwegian crime writers like Jo Nesbø, Samuel Bjørk, Tom Egeland, Anne Holt, and Jørn Lier Holst.

If crime books are not your thing, don't worry – there are so many other great Norwegian authors to choose between, from both historical and newer times.

If you prefer listening instead of reading, visit one of the Norwegian top cities in our podcast Norway Next!

6. Sort through your holiday snaps

You probably have more than 5,000 pictures lying around from when you were hiking to Trolltunga, enjoying yourself in the sun by the Sognefjord, driving along some of the beautiful Norwegian Scenic Routes or picnicking on a white beach in the Lofoten Islands. And they all look like the ones below, right? Now you have the time to both reminisce and dream about your next trip to Norway – and maybe even finally make that photo book.

Haven’t been to Norway yet? Create your own Pinterest board with the Norwegian locations you want to visit – and follow visitnorway on Instagram for more inspiration!

7. Turn your living room into a Norwegian mountain cabin

Do you dream of Norwegian cabin life? Recreate that cosy atmosphere at home! Put on a woollen sweater and longies, light some candles, and decorate the sofa with sheepskin, before you get out the dice game Yahtzee and a deck of cards. New card games are just a google search away. At home, you can also play solitaire with real cards instead of hiding behind your large work screen.

And it doesn’t matter if you haven’t showered. Then your hairdo will look like an authentic “hyttesveis”.

8. Check your local culture calendar

Most museums and cultural institutions have days or events with free entry, especially for children and young people. Check out when, and take the opportunity to go and have great cultural experiences!

9. Find your happy place!

Escape to Norway from your screen and soak up the joy! Get inspired by stunning landscapes and cultural wonders, and put together your dream holiday from your sofa. The ticket to happiness might just be a click away!

10. Learn the coolest untranslatable Norwegian words

The Norwegian language is full of weird, fun and surprising words. Learn some idioms and impress during your next visit!

11. Go on a virtual holiday to Norway

Take the time to dream about your next holiday to Norway. Dive into our universe and find inspiration on our YouTube channel, or plan your trip on Visit Norway’s website, Facebook and Instagram. We’ll see you soon!

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