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Photo: Bård Gundersen
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Modern day luxury with Peer Gynt

The term luxury is changing, from materialistic goods to something very different. Something that you can experience at the Peer Gynt Festival.

The term luxury has become something we long for that cannot so easily be attained. In trend-analysis it’s visible that there is a change in what we look at as luxury. As a modern life person it is easy to recognize what is looked upon as luxury today and in the future: Time, attention, space, peace and quiet, nature and purity. Visit the Peer Gynt Festival to unwind from your everyday life, and find the modern day luxury through the Norwegian mountains. 


One of the main elements in today’s luxury is time. A modern person can primarily attain a career and a high income through a long-term work effort. At the same time it’s expected that this person can be available for the workplace, family, friends and other commitments all the time.

Internet and cell phone has also made it possible to be online constantly, making it a part of everyday life. This means that many people is constantly available, and has small amounts of spare time for themselves. A report from Denmark shows that it especially is the spare time and the time one has for oneself that has been dramatically reduced the last 15 years.


Another quality we appreciate as a luxury is our attention. The social media fights constantly for your attention, and only when these medias are turned off it’s possible to turn your attention to other people or other happenings. The focus on sight, hearing, feeling and knowing without influence from mass media is also luxury today.


In the modern world, space is something we need and seek. In the traffic on the motorway, in line at the store, or on our way to vacation together with 300 other people squeezed together in economy class on the flight – we are taking part of the modern consumption and abundance, and were lacking the space around us.



Peace and quiet

Another factor of luxury is peace and quiet. Removing oneself from noise has become attractive. We are exposed to noise or bombarded with music and information everywhere we go. Today's refinement is not through a giant boombox, but in the distance of noise and possibility to unwind. The more peaceful, the more exclusive.


The scientist Enzenberger mentions the environment as a lacking area of need. Nature and pureness has become something we miss, and something we long for. It has become a luxury in our time to be able to eat food made with quality ingredients, to be able to breathe fresh air and surround ourselves with nature.

The Peer Gynt Festival

The Peer Gynt Festival is described by its guest as a meeting between nature and culture. As you sit down in the open-air theatre, where nature is the scenery – the silence, the smells, the birds and the wind... It is a journey in enrichment and recreation.

Guests travel home with their shoulders down, a wide smile, and a relaxed mind. This seems to be todays and tomorrows luxury goods.