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Peer Gynt på Gålåvatnet
Peer Gynt på Gålåvatnet.
Photo: Bård Gundersen
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A cultural round-trip from Oslo to the Peer Gynt Festival

Travel to the Peer Gynt Festival from Oslo, and experience what Norway is all about: Traditions, arts and nature.

Arriving in a cultural capital

In Oslo you can visit one of Europe's largest open-air museums, the Norwegian Folk museum, with over 150 traditional and historical buildings from all over Norway. The museum is alive with guides and actors leading you back in time, inviting you to experience how Norwegians has lived through centuries.

As you are travelling to the Peer Gynt Festival, a visit to the Ibsen Museum in Oslo should be on your list. The museum is in Henrik Ibsen's home, where he lived the last 11 years of his life.

There are many cultural checkpoints in Oslo that you could visit before you continue your travel. Learn more about what you can see and do in Oslo. 

Traditional folk culture in Valdres

In Valdres you can visit the Jørn Hilme festival, ending the last week of july. This is a folk music festival, with a broad program consisting of courses, concerts, traditional competitions and much more. If you want to experience the traditional Norwegian folk culture, a visit to Valdres and the Jørn Hilme Festival.

If you are traveling to the Peer Gynt Festival after the Jørn Hilme Festival has ended, Valdres still has much to offer. Valdres has a total of six stave churches, several cultural historical museums, and great places to experience local food. Traveling through Valdres you will also be able to drive the Valdresflye National Tourist Route, a 49-kilometer-long road in to the mountains of Jotunheimen.

Oslo- Traditional Violin Player

Norsk Folkemuseum, Oslo
Besseggen, Jotunheimen National Park

Besseggen, Jotunheimen National Park

Experience the Jotunheimen Mountains

The Norwegian mountains are not only known for its magnificent nature and characteristic steep hills, but also for tales about trolls and hulder. On your way to the Peer Gynt Festival, you will be able to visit some of Norway´s most known mountains.

From Valdres it's not far to Beitostølen, which is a great base for hiking in the Jotunheimen mountains.

From Beitostølen you can hike the Besseggen Ridge, one of the best known mountains to hike in this area. Contact the tourist information office in Valdres for information on hiking routes or guided tours.

Edvard Munch's roots in Vågå

Stave Churches are an important part of Norway's cultural history. Stop by Vågå on your way to the Peer Gynt Festival, and visit the Stave Church in Vågå.  

Next to the stave church in Vågå you can see the Rectory where Edvard Munch's grand parents lived, and where Edvard Munch has visited.  Discover more about Munch in Vågå, and walk in his footsteps.

Munch was inspired by Ibsen's theatre play "Peer Gynt" in several of his most famous artworks. Read more about Munch and his inspiration from Peer Gynt.

In the end of July each year there is a farm festival in Vågå and Lom. If you are in the area at this time it's well worth to check out some of the program, with concerts, exhibitions and local food.

The Peer Gynt Festival

The Peer Gynt Festival has a broad program, with unique concerts, an art exhibition, organized trips in the mountains and much more. The main event during the festival is the well-renowned theatre play Peer Gynt at Gålå.

The theatre production by lake Gålåvatnet presents the authentic "Peer Gynt". In the mountains where the historical Per Gynt ones roamed, you will experience Norwegian culture, music and nature on a unique outdoor theatre venue.

The play is accompanied by music inspired by the original "Peer Gynt-suite" by Edvard Grieg, and if you look closely, some of the scenes use paintings of Edvard Munch as inspiration.

Experience the three grand masters in Norwegian culture - Ibsen, Grieg and Munch in one evening by lake Gålåvatnet.