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Photo: Bård Gundersen
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The Peer Gynt experience on a budget

Travelling in Norway can be expensive, but there are many ways to travel on a budget. Consider these tips on your way to the Peer Gynt Festival.

Get around by public transport

Travelling by train can be affordable. Plan ahead, and book your tickets early to get "minipris" on train tickets, the lowest price, on the Norwegian Railway (NSB). Prices range from 199 – 399 NOK.

You can take the train from Oslo central station or Trondheim station to Vinstra, or you can take the train to Lillehammer. The Peer Gynt festival offers an affordable festival bus that can transport you to and from the Peer Gynt Festival venue, departing from Lillehammer, Øyer (Hafjell) and Skei.

Travelling by bus can be cheaper then train, and can take you to places off the main roads and cities. The bus company "Lavprisekspressen" travels between Oslo and Trondheim for a low price. Contact "Lavprisekspressen" or a local tourist office for assistance on booking tickets. This bus also stops in both Lillehammer and Vinstra, and is therefor a good alternative to public transport to the Peer Gynt Festival.

The bus company "Nor-Way bussekspress" also stops at both Lillehammer and Vinstra.

You can get discounts on public transport for kids, students with International student card, large groups, seniors, and persons with disabilities. Do not hesitate to ask if you or anyone in your group is qualified for a discount.

See Norway from your bike

Rough weather and steep hills characterize Norway, so a bicycle vacation is not for everyone. However, if you plan your trip ahead, bicycling is a great way to explore Norway. You can travel some parts of your journey by bicycle, and by public transport otherwise.

A great way to bicycle in to Peer Gynt's kingdom is by following the Peer Gynt road, stretching between Skei and Espedalen. This road is 60 km long, leading you through some of the most beautiful mountain landscape Norway has to offer. The road passes lake Gålåvatnet, where you can see the theatre production "Peer Gynt" by lake Gålåvatnet.

Affordable accommodation

Tenting is a cheap alternative for accommodation in Norway. Contact a local tourist office to find out where you can tent while visiting the Peer Gynt Festival. Make sure to bring a warm sleeping bag and warm clothes, as it gets cold in the evenings, even in summer. 

Camping is a cheap and easy way to accommodate in Norway, and is definitely worth considering if you are traveling on a budget. Norwegian Bed & Breakfasts and Hostels are also affordable, and the standard is good.

Most hotels in the Lillehammer and Gudbrandsdalen valley region offer packages with accommodation, transport and tickets to Peer Gynt at Gålå.

Food and drinks

The Norwegian "matpakke" is the cheapest way to eat in Norway. Norwegians love a good sandwich, and make them at home. Buy bread, different spreads, vegetables and fruit in the local supermarkets, and make sandwiches for your travels.

Eat like the locals: buy "brunost" (brown goat cheese), caviar on tube or mackerel in tomato – perfect on a slice of bread. Other favorites are all sorts of cheeses and ham. If you are traveling in small town, ask for tips about local specialties, as many merchants sell products from local farms.

The tap water in Norway is of excellent quality, and you can drink water from any tap as long as nothing else is stated. Buy a large bottle of water at the supermarket, and refill wherever you go.

You can also go fishing, which is free, or at least very cheep if you need to buy a fishing-card for an area. If you want to go fishing during your stay in Gålå, buy a fishing card at the local store "Joker".

You are allowed to bring your own food to the theatre venue at Gålå, and there are many tables where you can sit down before to enjoy your snack. You can also purchase local food at the venue. Try sausages from Anni's Pølsemakeri, a local butcher shop, or Norwegian waffles with jelly. The Peer Gynt festival also sells their own brand of beer and wine for guests at the theatre venue by lake Gålåvatnet.

Peer Gynt at Gålå 2017

Peer Gynt at Gålå in 2017