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Øyafossen falls at Hjelmeland

Øyafossen falls is situated by the trail between Vormedalen and Trodla-Tysdal in Hjelmeland in Ryfylke.

You can reach the trail by driving from Hjelmeland along trunk road Fv 660 to Meland, and finally following the municipal road to the free parking area near Kleivaland in Vormedalen.

The marked path from Kleivaland passes abandoned farms at Kløv, Ritland and Helgaland; the highest of these mountain farms is located at 333 metres altitude. From Helgaland the trail takes you down to Tysdalsvatnet lake – passing Øyafossen falls. The waterfall flows down into a gorge. You reach the Trodla-Tysdal farm after about a two-hour walk from Kleivaland.

This farm peers out over an expansive river plain, surrounded by mountains that stretch up to 900 m. Trodla-Tysdal is the most remote farm still in use in Hjelmeland municipality. Nearby is a salmon river and lakes teeming with trout. The lodge here, which is run by the Norwegian Mountain Touring Association (DNT), has 17 beds for mountain walkers.

We also recommend a walk to Tengedalsvatnet, and the "Hans Nilsen Hauge road" (named after a famous 19th century Norwegian lay preacher), and Lensmannshidleren.

Allow two hours each way to Trodla-Tysdal farm. From Tysdal there is a well-marked path across the mountains to Viglesdalen.

You can also hire a boat shuttle from Trodla-Tysdal, across the lake, to Valheim in Årdal, but then you need transportation back to Vormedalen.

Source: Reisemål Ryfylke


Øyafossen falls at Hjelmeland

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