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Visit Norway – Norway in your pocket

iPhone: Visit Norway for iOS 
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Install the NorwayLights app – and get access to a 3 day northern light forecast that helps you find the best time and place to see the northern lights. 

iPhone: NorwayLights for iOS 
Android: NorwayLights for Android

Visit Norway – Virtual Reality

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Weather forecast

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Android: Yr for Android
Android: Storm for Android

Travel assistance

The nearest restaurants, the best attractions, the way to the northern lights … It is certainly true that there is an app for everything these days.

Visit Norway – Norway in your pocket

The Visit Norway app gives you information about thousands of places to stay, restaurants, activities, and attractions on and near your destination.


NorwayLights is a website with a northern lights forecast as well as an app with an overview of places known as main “northern light cities” in Norway. It has a user-friendly interface that is designed to help you decide when and where to go aurora chasing, as well as how to get there.

The app provides a three-day northern lights forecast with an hourly forecast for the current day. It gives recommendations to go, try or wait for the northern lights in a specific city, based on weather forecast and solar wind activity.

Useful information such as facts about the northern lights a map indicating your position in relation to other Norwegian cities, photo tips and other tips & tricks are also included in the app in addition to handy short-cuts to flight and tour options.

Norway in virtual reality

With the Visit Norway VR app, you will get a bird’s eye view of Norway in virtual reality through immersive 360 panoramas. Fly hundreds of meters above the deep blue fjords, waterfalls, mountains and glaciers – all from the safety of your own couch.

You can explore the panoramas from your smartphone. To experience it in real VR, you need a VR headset, such as Google Cardboard.

Other Helpful Travel Apps

Whatever you plan to do, you bet there is an app for it. The Norwegian online magazine put together a list of useful apps for tourists in Norway. Here is a selection of their recommendations:

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