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Alpine skiing

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It doesn't matter if you're 4 or 40, a pro or a newbie. Everyone can go alpine skiing in Norway!

Enjoy a ski getaway with your friends …

… let your kids have fun and learn on the slopes with an instructor …

… or show off your wicked moves off piste.

Norway is an alpine skiing paradise. The season is long, the resorts are wonderful, and the views are impeccable. And there is something for everyone! Many of the largest resorts are easily accessible by train or bus, and are often within reach of airports and ferry terminals.

In winter, Norwegians swap their hiking boots for skis and head out to enjoy snow-covered mountains. Some kids even hit the slopes as soon as they’re able to walk.

The majority of Norway’s best ski resorts are very family-friendly, with children’s slopes and ski schools.

But family-friendly does not mean boring. These destinations also offer challenges for more advanced skiers. You can ski down a diamond piste, challenge yourself on jumps and rails, or get lucky and experience perfect powder further up the mountain.

It’s this combination of beginner’s fun and action-packed slopes that make Norwegian ski destinations so popular. Friends and families can go on ski holidays together, even if they’re not at the same skill level. If you travel without kids, head for a cold one in a lively after ski bar and enjoy a tasty meal in a cosy restaurant. Read more about Norway's alpine skiing destinations below.

Learn the basics

If you’ve never tried alpine skiing, don’t worry. Most destinations have ski schools for both adults and children, with skilled instructors who are eager to help you discover the magic of skiing.

Want to get a head start? Check out pro skiing tips from three fearless young skiers below!

Ski in, ski out

Many Norwegian resorts have ski lifts virtually right on the hotel's doorstep. After a long day in the slopes and a quick change of clothes, you can refuel with some tasty and often locally sourced food and drinks.

At many resorts, you can also enjoy some quiet time in a relaxing spa and indoor swimming pool, and even surf on an indoor wave! Check out ski- and spa resorts.

Summer skiing

After Easter, spring skiing marks the end of the busy winter season, but also the start of the relaxed “enjoy a beer in the sun” season.

If you think spring marks the end of the skiing season, think again. Norway is also home to several high altitude resorts, where you can enjoy the snow all summer long.

However, getting an early start is essential. The glaciers can be icy at first but will soften with the first rays of sun to provide hours of good skiing. By about midday, the slopes might turn more slushy – the perfect time to take a break and enjoy a snack, a swim, and some sunbathing.

Summer resorts open depending on the snow and weather conditions, so check the snow report before you go.

If you find yourself near Oslo, you can experience indoor skiing at SNØ, all year round!

Alpine destinations in Norway

From slopes nestled among snow-capped trees in inland valleys to ski resorts above the fjords and under the northern lights – each alpine destination is unique in its own way. Take it from Olympic champion Aksel Lund Svindal, who says it’s been an eye-opener to have skied all around the world, only to realise that Norway has some of the most wicked conditions on Earth.

Here is some of the very best alpine skiing in Norway:

Eastern Norway and the Oslo region

Several of the country’s largest – and most snow safe – resorts are located in Eastern Norway, within easy reach of the capital and close to several airports. Oslo has a varied and exciting winter park just over 30 minutes from the city centre, as well as a nearby indoor ski arena, SNØ, that’s open all year round.

Fjord Norway

Discover dramatic scenery with high peaks and fantastic possibilities for powder lovers. In most resorts, you’ll get magnificent fjord views all the way down the slope!

Trøndelag and Northern Norway

In Northern Norway, you can take in panoramic views of the fjord from the ski centre at Narvikfjellet. And if you’re lucky, you’ll also get to see the incredible northern lights! The largest ski resort in Trøndelag spans four mountains in Oppdal.

Southern Norway and Telemark

Although the south is most famous as a summer island paradise, the region also boasts some great ski resorts. In Telemark – the cradle of modern skiing – you can ride the cable car Gaustabanen inside Mount Gaustatoppen, and free ride down the slope with or without a guide.

Experience it for yourself!

Norway's biggest alpine ski resorts are usually very snow safe!

Alpine skiing destinations

Norway is home to many alpine skiing destinations that are worth a visit. Explore them in the map below!

Weather and snow conditions

Get the latest forecast and snow conditions at ski resorts.

Winter fun in Norway

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