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Summer skiing

Sun and slopes!

Do Norwegians ever stop skiing?

S-no-w way!

The snow never melts on the highest mountains and icy glaciers of Norway. You can even hit the slopes in the summer.

Here are the best places!

Summer ski resorts

When the winter resorts are closing, other ski resorts start opening – the ones that specialise in summer skiing!

By Folgefonna, one of Norway's southernmost glaciers, you'll find FONNA Glacier Ski Resort, with wide slopes for every level. Try the freestyle park or the cross-country trails if that's your thing. If you'd like ...

... you can cool off with a dip in the scenic Hardangerfjord after skiing.

Enjoy alpine skiing at the Tystigbreen glacier at Stryn Sommerski summer ski centre. It offers park riding too, if you're into jumps, rails and half pipes!

And if you fall ...

... you won't be the first! 🥶

NOTE: Stay away from the blue lagoons if you're not a pro.

The summer skiing season starts in late May or early June and can last until August – depending on the snow conditions.

The snow reflects the sunlight, so remember to use enough sun screen!

Further east, at an altitude of 1,800 meters, you can launch yourself downhill at Norway's highest mountain at the Galdhøpiggen summer ski centre.

If you prefer cross country skiing, the Sognefjellet summer ski centre offers a total of 8 kilometresof groomed trails.

Head to the north!

Svalbard in the early summer is ideal for a guided expedition! Join a cross-country tour on the glaciers and in the valleys, when Svalbard bathes in the rays of the midnight sun.

You can also sign up for a ski touring trip to the alpine peaks.

Always go with professional and local tour operators as they understand the weather conditions, avalanche risk, ice conditions, and risks related to polar bears when travelling into the vast wilderness of Svalbard.

Don't stop skiing

Ski all year round at the indoor winter sports hall SNØ just outside Oslo.

No snow?

Roller skis are amazing for going cross-country skiing all over Norway in the summer! Get a great workout and maintain your skiing skills for the winter season.

Grab your skis and hit the slopes!

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