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Norway's awesome

With its deep fjords, dramatic peaks and beautiful terrain, it's no surprise that Norway has so many exciting via ferratas!

Lace up your hiking boots, tighten your harness, and hook your carabiners onto the wire.

Now you're all set to enjoy some of Norway's most spectacular routes, including Trolltunga Via Ferrata in Hardanger (pictured here). 

Ready for a challenge?
Kyrkjeveggen, in Åkrafjorden, is one of Norway's toughest via ferratas. The route is 900 metres long, primarily on a solid rock surface.

Climbing a spectacular via ferrata is an experience you will never forget!

Loen Via Ferrata in Nordfjord offers spectacular views as you balance 750 metres above the fjord.

Gjølmunnebrua is the longest via ferrata bridge in Europe.

Ready, steady, go!

Climb your way to a bird's-eye view with this via ferrata in the centre of Ålesund. The climb is easy, but airy.

Take a break at the bench halfway, and enjoy views of the beating heart of the city below you (not to mention the sea and incredible peaks). 

Looking for an airy and exciting adventure?

Ravnfloget Via Ferrata, on Vega Island in Nordland, is a fun route through varied terrain, with incredible views of the surrounding landscape. On clear days, you can see the Vega Archipelago, a World Heritage site. 

Are you ready for this?

Climb a via ferrata in the geographical centre of Norway at Mosjøen!

The route is classified as easy to moderately difficult. It's a fun way to climb the mountain and enjoy the beautiful views of charming Mosjøen.

Want an extra adrenaline kick? End your climb by ziplining back down!

At Bratten in Bodø, you'll find one of the world's northernmost via ferratas.

Climb with the sea beneath you, with a breathtaking view along the way, or climb in the winter for a whole new experience!

Get an adrenaline rush in historic surroundings at Via Ferrata Tyssedal!

Norway's electricity is mostly generated by clean hydropower. Follow in the footsteps of the workers who built enormous pipelines with only basic tools, more than 100 years ago. Learn more about the past and enjoy the present in the quaint village of Tyssedal in Hardanger. 

A mountain adventure like no other!

Romsdalsstigen Via Ferrata is located in Åndalsnes, the mountaineering capital of Norway. Romsdalsstigen offers outstanding photo opportunities and magnificent views of the majestic Romsdalsfjellene mountains and the Romsdalsfjord. 

Feel the rush!

A view to remember.

Synshorn Via Ferrata in Jotunheimen, right by the Valdresflya Norwegian Scenic Route, is spectacular.
Here, an experienced guide will lead you safely up steep slopes and narrow mountain ledges.

These were just some of the possibilities. Get ready to climb high in Norway!

Via ferratas date back more than a century.

Via ferratas (an Italian term that means 'iron paths' in English) were first made in the Dolomites in Italy to help travellers navigate safely through the mountains.

To enhance climber safety, via ferratas include fixtures like steel wire cables, metal bars drilled into rock, and ladders and bridges, such as those in Fosen, pictured here.

These fixtures aid travel and greatly enhance safety.

Anyone who can hike can enjoy a via ferrata. No previous experience is needed, but it is highly recommended to book a guided tour with an instructor.

Via ferratas are graded according to difficulty. This helps hikers select the best routes for their level of fitness and experience.

Age limits vary, starting from ages 10-12, depending on the course.

Tour operators provide harnesses, helmets, and all the safety equipment you need.

Experience pure adventure and exhilaration, and a sense of achievement, when you reach the top of Via Ferrata Loen (pictured) or one of Norway's other gorgeous peaks.

Book your via ferrata experience today!

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