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Guaranteed adrenaline rush

Wooooow! Or maybe rather ... eeeeek!

When the rubber raft tips over the edge, hold on tight but don’t hold back – feel free to let it all out and yell!

Unless you just laugh hysterically all the way down the gushing river.

If you have a serious adrenaline craving, you can always go for the more extreme kind of rafting …

… but you can also bring the kids, uncles, and grandparents and go family rafting in calmer waters.

Rafting enthusiasts from all over the world travel to Norway, and for a good reason. Norwegian rivers offer all kinds of challenges for every ability.

The most famous rafting destination in the country is Sjoa in Gudbrandsdalen in Eastern Norway. Other popular destinations include Driva in Trøndelag, Auster-Vefsna in Nordland, and Voss and Jølstra in Fjord Norway. A few other recommendations in Eastern Norway are Trysilelva, Dagali, and Otra in Setesdalen.

Just don’t set off down the river on your own! Be sure to join an experienced guide who is familiar with the surroundings and the water flow. They will provide all the instructions, training, and equipment you need.

With good teamwork, you’ll soon whoosh down the flowing rapids like real pros.

OK, but how cold is the water? Well let’s say it’s fresh, but you won’t have any time to think about it! Thanks to the cool-ish water temperature you’ll stay focused, and the adrenaline rush keeps you warm.

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