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Reach new heights

Steep walls, small boulders, fun climbing trails, airy rappelling.

Nothing beats the rush of joy when you reach the top of a challenging climb.

Norway offers climbing experiences that suit every skill level, as well as skilled guides who help lead you to peaks one could otherwise not reach.

The focus is always on safety!

In May 2021, the Financial Times named Lofoten the seventh best climbing destination in Europe.

With its spectacular walls, countless bouldering options and endless midnight sun, Lofoten, and Henningsvær in particular, attract climbers from around the world.

Stetind in Narvik, Northern Norway, is a popular and beautiful climbing destination, and is almost 1,400 meters high. The mountain itself is a unique sight, but the view from the top is an memory for life. This is a steep and challenging climb, which means you need to be in good physical shape.

If you want to get the most out of the trip while staying safe and being social, we recommend that you climb Stetind with a local certified mountain guide.

The wild Hurrungane mountain range in the Jotunheimen mountains tempts many climbers and skiers with its alluring peaks. Here, you'll find a varied and alpine landscape, which offers everything a hiker could ever want.

One of the most popular climbing destinations is Store Skagastølstindthe third highest mountain in Norway.

The route starts at Turtagrø, a hotel and a central meeting point in Jotunheimen. You then walk towards Skagadalen valley, before climbing up to the Bandet cabin (pictured here) and onwards to the top. The hike is a challenging 12-15 hour round-trip, and you need to be in good physical shape.

The climbing is also very good in Åndalsnes, where Trollveggen, Romsdalshorn, Bispen and Hornaksla are a few of the favourite spots.

If you are looking for some good spots for bouldering, you should check out Mjelva and Skiri.

The 'peak' you see here is Norsk Tindesenter, the Norwegian mountaineering centre, where you can learn about steep outdoor activities through interactive exhibitions, and challenge your fear of heights on one of Norway's highest indoor climbing walls - 21 meters high!

Are you in Southern Norway and ready for a real climbing challenge? Visit Lillesand!

At 47 meters tall, the Over climbing tower in Lillesand is the world's tallest free-standing climbing tower. Climb all the way to the top with or without a guide - or simply take the stairs, an airy sensation in itself. Enjoy amazing panoramic views of Southern Norway while walking on the tower's glass floor.

Do you dare look down?

During winter, you can drive your axe into the ice and climb frozen waterfalls at Rjukan, considered one of the best places for ice climbing in Northern Europe!

Geitgallien (photo) in Lofoten is also a popular mountain destination in winter for ice climbing, which requires an axe and crampons.

But be careful, and remember that climbing without a guide should only be done by very experienced ice climbers.

Are you a bit of an adrenaline junkie, but don't have any climbing experience? In that case, a via ferrata could be just the thing. Via ferrata is a type of mountain climbing where the route is secured by a steel cable throughout the route, and it's therefore also suitable for families with bigger children.

New routes are popping up all the time. Today, there are about 20 via ferratas in Norway, including at the iconic Trolltunga (photo). Or maybe you dare to attempt one of the toughest routes in Norway, the "Ragnarok Extreme" in Loen?

What goes up, must (usually) come down!

Rappelling, where you descend with the help of a rope, is as much of a nature experience as the climb up. 

Want to try it out? Here are some good recommendations.

Climbing parks offer a fun experience of mastery for young and less experienced climbers! Here, you can try out zip lines, challenge your fear of heights, and find routes that suit every age group and level.

If the weather is bad, many cities have indoor climbing walls.

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