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Arctic adventures

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What? Am I on a different planet?

No way! You’re in Norway.

In one moment, you feel like you're all alone in the universe.

Silent and vast underneath the northern lights – so close to the North Pole …

… in the next moment you’re at a loud and packed concert among cheering fans!

Longyearbyen is a cosmopolitan city with modern hotels, a brewery and more than 15 different restaurants.

You’ll also find one of Scandinavia’s largest wine cellars!

Dine on locally sourced delicacies like Svalbard grouse, Svalbard reindeer, Atlantic cod and Arctic char, accompanied with herbs and mushrooms from the tundra.

Bon appétit!

Outdoor adventures await!

There are many glaciers near Longyearbyen. Experience a one-day cruise and take in the majestic ice wall of the glacier from the sea. Remember to keep your distance – the ice is calving, so big chunks of ice occasionally fall into the water, creating giant waves!

You can also walk on the glacier with a guide, or explore magical ice caves that take you back to the ice age!

But remember: once you move outside the borders of the Longyearbyen city, it’s crucial to be accompanied by a professional guide in order to stay safe. This is because …

Svalbard is the the polar bear’s kingdom. We must respect their reign over this territory.

Arctic nature is unforgiving, yet fragile. That’s why more than half of Svalbard consists of protected areas.

Be responsible and do not leave anything behind in the wild.

Longyearbyen has achieved the certification Sustainable Destination. Although this does not mean that the destination is sustainable, it does mean that it has made a commitment to work systematically to reduce the negative effects of tourism, while strengthening its positive ripple effects.

With a local guide, you can also play at the top of the world!

And the view gets even better at higher altitudes.

Explore the varied, pristine landscape of Svalbard on foot, skis, or snowmobile …

… or behind a pack of perky huskies!

Polar dogs thrive in this arctic environment, and they simply love running!

Chances are you’ll make a new four-legged best friend.

Explore the Arctic Ocean by kayak or boat.

Many operators offer daytrips. One green option is to try Hurtigruten's silent, hybrid-driven catamaran.

In Svalbard, it’s common to remove your shoes before entering a restaurant or hotel, a custom which dates back to the mining era, when coal dust was an issue.

Get a firsthand experience of what it's like to be a coal miner in Gruve 3, or mine 3, where you can try crawling through narrow shafts (pictured), if you like.

One of Norway’s most exclusive hotelsIsfjord Radio Adventure Hotel, is situated at the tip of the west coast of Svalbard. The hotel features a sauna with panoramic views, where you can enjoy the stunning landscape while staying nice and warm!

What’s that futuristic structure?

It’s the entrance to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault.

The vault contains one thousand square meters of seeds from every country in the world. The seeds are securely stored in the permafrost climate to secure the world’s food production in case of a crisis.

There is nothing quite like the light on Svalbard …

… during winter the stars seem vey close.

The dark season lasts from October to February, and the northern lights make your experience extra intense.

There are lots of activities during the dark season, like hiking up Platåfjellet mountain, dog sledding, and catching a glimpse of the northern lights!

During summer, the midnight sun lights up the sky from April to August.

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