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Dog sledding

Want to go for a ride?

Woof! Woof!

Happy sled dogs with wagging tails do what they love the most: run!

These athletic Alaskan Huskies were born to do this.

Feel the cool breeze on your face as you slide through the pristine snow-covered wilderness.

Sled dogs used to be the main form of transportation in the arctic, connecting some of the most isolated places in the world.

Today, planes, snowmobiles, and cars have replaced this job, but one thing will never change ...

... how much the sled dogs love running and being out in the cold - in their natural habitat!

Try being a musher, handling your own dog team (it’s not that hard) ...

... or enjoy the ride as a passenger, snuggled up in warm clothes and hides.

Chances are, you’ll make a new four-legged best friend.

Take a short or a long daytrip, or go on a dog sled adventure that lasts several days.

In Norway, you can go dog sledding in every part of the country. Many skiing destinations in Southern and Eastern Norway offer dog sled rides.

Discover winter paradise in Røros, or the Northern Norway's arctic gems, including Tromsø, Alta and Kirkenes ...

... or imagine riding a dog sled in the extraordinary landscape of Svalbard. Dog sleds and snowmobiles are often the only way to get around on the nearly roadless island.

If you're lucky, you may see the northern lights!

Norway hosts two of the most famous sled dog races in the world - The Finnmark Race, in Northern Norway and The Femund Race, in Trøndelag.

These races are quite the show!

No snow? No problem!

We love running in the summer too, and can give you a ride on wheels. Hold on tight!

You may also get the chance to feed and take care of us before and after the ride.

I'm ready for a fun ride! Are you?

See the elite in action

If you want to learn from the best, Norway is an ideal destination. Each year, we host two world-famous sled dog races: the Femund Race and the Finnmark Race.

The Femund Race is the world’s biggest race, with participants from all over Europe, and is known for being hilly. The race starts in the cosy mining town of Røros, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The professional mushers and their dogs travel at high speeds past cheering crowds in the middle of the town, before disappearing into the wild and scenic surroundings.

In March, mushers from all around the world travel to Alta in Northern Norway to participate in the Finnmark Race - Europe’s longest sled dog race. For several days, the white, freezing desert is their home. Total whiteouts can make it extremely challenging for mushers and dogs alike. Hundreds of kilometres later, racers receive a warm welcome from the audience as they cross the finish line back in Alta.

Chase the northern lights by dog sled

Where do you want to go dog sledding?

Find the perfect place!

Be a dog musher for a day

Do you want to be in charge of a whole team of huskies?

This is how it feels like!

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Get on the sled

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