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A snow hotel, dramatic World War II history, and king crab safaris are among the many exciting attractions awaiting visitors in Kirkenes.

Although Kirkenes is a small town, it has a multicultural population thanks to its location close to the borders of Finland and Russia. That's why you can find signs on different languages all around town.

Kirkenes offers lots of activities all year around. Among the most popular summer activities are boat trips, hiking, diving, fishing, hunting, climbing, and bird watching. During winter, activities include dog sledding trips, snowmobile tours, ice fishing, and king crab safaris.

The area is also a fascinating destination for history buffs. WWII definitely left its mark on Kirkenes, with the town experiencing more than 320 air raids. Andersgrotta, an underground bunker that was used as a shelter during the war, is now a museum.

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Seasons and climate

Kirkenes and Eastern Finnmark has a humid subarctic continental climate with cool summers and no dry season.

The midnight sun shines from May 17 to July 21.

The winter darkness extends from November 21 to January 21. During winter, you can sometimes experience the northern lights in Kirkenes and Eastern Finnmark.

The winter climate in Kirkenes and Eastern Finnmark is cold and dry, with a mean winter temperature of approximately minus 8-10 degrees Celsius. 

July is the warmest month, with an average temperature of 14.8 degrees Celsius. 

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