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Get close to mighty creatures that roam the seabed off Northern Norway on a guided king crab safari. These exclusive crabs fresh from the sea are seriously tasty!

Let's go fishing

Hold on tight as your RIB boat speeds off from shore and out into the Barents Sea. Outfitted in a warm boiler suit, goggles, and mittens, you'll be comfortable, no matter the weather in the north.

When your boat slows down, the excitement rises to a new level. Has the mighty king crab taken the bait?

We are just off the coast of Kirkenes in Southern Varanger in Northern Norway. This is one of the main ports for harvesting king crab in the Barents Sea. 

From here, luxurious crabs are exported to top restaurants all around the world, including some delicious Norwegian seafood restaurants, of course.

Enjoying perfectly prepared king crab in a luxurious restaurant is divine. But it must be said that it also tastes heavenly served fresh from the sea. Especially when you have had a hand in the catch!

Tasty giants

The king crab is a relatively new arrival in Norway, and it wasn't before 1977 that the first king crab was caught here. Back then, it was known in Norway as the Kamchatka crab, named after the peninsula on the east coast of Siberia.

The king crab that now lives outside of Norway originated from the Murmansk Fjord, where they were released by Soviet biologists in the1960s. Since then, the population has expanded to Northern Norway, where they thrive in the cold water.

"There are more than a hundred species of king crab. The red one is the second biggest species and is also one of the most common to eat," says Michael, king crab safari guide at Snowhotel Kirkenes.

King crab meat is sweet and aromatic, and is often compared to lobster. According to Michael, the tastiest bit is the shoulder.

"The shoulder muscle is the filet of the king crab. It's the most tender meat on the crab," says Michael.

Do you want to have a taste? Most king crab safaris in Norway include plenty of tasting. In other words, you actually get a lot for your money, as king crabs are among the most expensive items on restaurant menus.

Now, let's get cooking!

A year round activity

King crab safaris are available all year round in Norway, including in winter, when it's a (really) cool experience! Many tours include a snowmobile ride out onto the frozen fjord, where king crab traps are set under the ice. You can also find year-round king crab boat safaris and safaris under the northern lights!

Most king crab tours includes plenty of information about the mighty crab, and you often learn a lot about the history of the local area.

PS: If you want to try more cool activities in the north, you should try dog sledding too!

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