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The coastal highway to the soul of the north

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Are you ready for a once-in-a-lifetime journey? 

 Hurtigruten, the Norwegian coastal express, have sailed from port to port along one of the world’s most beautiful coastlines for more than 130 years!

And it is still bringing people, stockfish, and new kitchen chairs safely between Bergen and Trondheim – and all the way to Varanger and Kirkenes in the far north.

Along with the latest gossip, of course!

A big part of Northern Norway didn’t have proper roads or a railway until after the Second World War.

So if you lived in a remote fishing village, it felt …

… really remote.

That all changed in 1893 when DS Vesteraalen, the first Hurtigruten steamship, began its journey from Trondheim to Hammerfest on 2 July, visiting 11 harbours along the way.

In 1898, the route expanded southwards to include Bergen.

Ten years later, Kirkenes near the Russian border became the northernmost turning point for the coastal voyage.

Customers can also travel all the way from Oslo to North Cape with the new North Cape Express or travel all the way from Bergen to Svalbard with the Svalbard Express.

Over the years, Hurtigruten has become an integral part of Norwegian culture and is even immortalised in the song “Hurtigrute” by singer/songwriter Kari Bremnes.

"It was a party that came
A One thousand and one nights with a taste of salt
With goodbyes and Oh my goodness, there you are"

Hurtigrute, Kari Bremnes

So many stories. Ships. Destinies. Lifelines.

Explore how the coastal express connected Norway at the iconic new landmark, the Hurtigruten museum (a part of Museum Nord) that opened in 2021.

Revisit history in the authentic salons and cabins on the old Hurtigruten ship MS Finnmarken, built in 1956.

The everyday life on board the ships is still very present today.

They continue to bring locals to family gatherings, granny to the doctor, and children to football tournaments ...

... alongside tourists who gaze towards the mountains under a sun that never sets …

… or that doesn’t even bother to show up.

There is no need to stay up all night just in case Aurora goes dancing.

A northern lights alarm will wake you up if you’re sleeping. And do you know what's even better? There is now a Northern Lights Guarantee when you travel in wintertime, which means Hurtigruten give you a free 6-day southbound or 7-day northbound Original Coastal Express Classic Voyage if the Northern Lights do not occur within sight of your ship!

So get a good night's sleep in your cabin …

… after a meal that tastes of the Norwegian coast.

King crab. Tender lamb. Slow-growing potatoes. And fresh fish, of course.

80 per cent of the food you enjoy on board comes from Norwegian providers, which secures workplaces and the daily lives of the people who live along the coast.

Locals have been fishing “skrei”, the wandering Arctic cod, for thousands of years.

Back on the ship, you can also learn how to take care of the amazing surroundings you sail through.

You see, the coastal express Hurtigruten is considered the world’s greenest cruise line, and they are now working on having their first zero emission ship ready before 2030!

You can also check out these facts:

· No single-use plastic on board
· The waste from all of the ships is recycled
· Hurtigruten has the world’s first hybrid-powered cruise ships
· The ships run partly on biogas

Do you feel inspired to help the locals preserve the nature?

Support the Hurtigruten foundation or join one of the beach clean-ups.

You can also sign up for a range of awesome adventures, powered by nature and organised by local guides and tour operators.

Come along!

Travel slowly.

Feel the power of the far north.

1 trip

12 days

34 ports of call

2500 nautical miles

10,000 memories

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