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With Hurtigruten as your basecamp, you'll have the best possible starting point for exploring everything the Norwegian coast has to offer – from fjords and iconic towns to northern lights and midnight sun.

This journey is often named  "The world's most beautiful sea voyage" for a reason. More than simply a cruise, a voyage with Hurtigrutenmay very well be the most authentic Norwegian experience there is. Since 1893, the Hurtigruten ships have been an integral part of Norwegian coastal life, carrying local passengers, visitors, and cargo between cities and islands, connecting coastal communities both big and small.

The Classic voyage

The classic Coastal Express takes you from Bergen in the south to Kirkenes up north and back, past islands, archipelagos, small towns, and 34 ports. The coastal fleet consists ofseveral unique ships, all which have daily departures. A classic one way voyage takes 6 days, and the full round trip takes 12 days, visiting the ports of call twice. You will experience different views and places on a full round trip, as you visit the them on a different time schedule.  

See the sailing route and learn more about The Coastal Express.

New cruises in 2023

Two cruises and routes have recently been added that let you explore the northern tip of the world on a refurbished ship. 

Between late September and April, you can keep an eye out for the northern lights on The North Cape Express, and cruise all the way between Oslo and the North Cape and back to Bergen for the first time. 

See the sailing route and learn more about The North Cape Express.

You can also cruise under the midnight sun between late April and August, when The Svalbard Express relaunches its iconic 'sports route' from Bergen to Svalbard and back. Follow the Norwegian coast all the way north to the North Cape before crossing over to Svalbard, and returning past the Lyngen Alps on the way back. 

See the sailing route and learn more about The Svalbard Express.

On both cruises, you can visit many of the same highlights as on the original Hurtigruten Coastal Express, as well some exciting and lesser known destinations. You also get to spend longer time in the ports than on the regular Hurtigruten cruises — up to six hours. 15 day and 7 day cruises are available.

International routes

Starting in 2023 you can visit the Norwegian coastline and steam all the way up to the North Cape, starting your journey outside Norway. MS Maud sails from Dover in the UK, while Otto Sverdrup departs from Hamburg, Germany.

Experience local life

With beautiful and majestic nature waiting around every corner, life on board is an incredible experience. But if you really want to experience the Norwegian coast, it's the excursions that truly make this journey unique.

With 34 ports to visit and more than 90 excursions to choose from, you never have to worry about being bored on your journey in the Arctic.

Join a king crab safari, meet the Sami people, or try dog sledding with eager Huskies. Experience standing at the end of the world on the North Cape, look a sea eagle in the eye while exploring the Trollfjord, or go kayaking in the beautiful fjords in Fjord Norway. Learn more about Hurtigruten’s excursions.

Choose your favourite season

In the winter, from October to March, you can see the northern lights dancing across the Arctic skies. Hurtigruten even has a Northern Lights Guarantee, meaning if the northern lights do not appear within sight of your ship, you can get a new voyage free of charge!

In long periods during the summer, you can stay up on deck all night, as you can get 24 hours of daylight, thanks to the midnight sun.

Which light you want to see – and how you want to see it – is entirely up to you and the season you choose. 

Taste the delicious Coastal Kitchen

Norway’s culinary traditions are strongly linked to the nature along the coast: fresh, characteristic, and full of variation. On board Hurtigruten, you will experience Norway’s Coastal Kitchen, a culinary concept that is based on close cooperation with local suppliers who provide fresh ingredients of the highest quality every day.

When Hurtigruten won the prestigious Matmerk award for “Norwegian on the menu” the jury wrote: “None of our big tourist operators have put local Norwegian food on the menu to such a degree. The fact that you can eat your way through the Norwegian coast, presented with good descriptions, great stories, and amazing imagery, is something any culinary and language enthusiast will appreciate.”

The chefs on board are very creative in composing variations on both new and traditional Norwegian dishes. With its culinary concept, Hurtigruten is not only supporting local fishermen, farmers, and other suppliers along the coast, it is also ensuring that its guests have some unique culinary experiences to tell their friends and families about.

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The classic round trip voyage:

To create your own voyage in Norway, select which ports you want to experience. Plan your Norwegian coastal voyage today!

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