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The Trøndelag region is the very heart of Norway. Placed right in the middle, with veins stretching out in every possible direction. From here, you can travel to the wild west. The Arctic north. The deep east. Or the happy south.

Or you could just stay. For this is the perfect place to learn how to master the noble art of the Norwegian favourite pastime – “kos”.

Time just seems to pass a bit slower here, and many of the locals appear to move at a more laid-back pace. In Trøndelag, “kos” is just a way of life. Like at the cafe Baklandet Skydsstation.

But what is “kos” exactly?

It can be the time you spend with your friends exploring the old wooden neighbourhood of Bakklandet in the pulsating student town of Trondheim. The region’s main city is the very capital of “kos”.

And also of jazz, cool contemporary art and funky festivals, cheesemaking monks and guys with big moustaches called “trønderbart”👨🏻.

Not to forget some of the most innovative tech-savvy engineers in Europe.

Trondheim is actually an incubator for cutting edge technology. Just take a look at this iconic landmark designed by Snøhetta.

Powerhouse is one of the most environmentally-friendly buildings in the world!

The 3,000-square-metre solar-panel-covered roof produces enough energy for its own building, the nearest neighbours – and all the electric city buses.

Another iconic building you shouldn’t miss is the stunning Nidaros Cathedral.

You might even meet some of the pilgrims that have hiked the famous St. Olav Ways – the main pilgrim path through Norway. The route is becoming one of the most popular long-distance hikes in Northern Europe.

Foodies from all over the world are flocking to Trøndelag and the culinary epicentre that is Trondheim.

In 2022, Trøndelag with Trondheim have been given status as European Region of Gastronomy – and for good reasons!

A few years back, Trøndelag became a driving force behind the Norwegian local food boom.

In Trondheim, you can try some of the most exquisite examples of this, for instance in Michelin-starred restaurants like Speilsalen and Fagn or at the annual food festival Trøndersk Matfestival.

You can also sample some of the very best seafood in the world, including the famous Hitracrab.

But there are plenty of local gems to discover in the rest of the region as well. And yes, it is “kos” to share locally produced delicacies.

Get a taste of grandma’s hearty recipes and indulge in the local cheeses. A good start is the Munkeby Monastery – a heavenly combination of fresh Norwegian milk and traditional French cheese crafting.

Another award-winning cheese awaits at the dairy farm Gangstad Gårdsysteri, just off the main E6 highway over to Inderøy,a peninsula 2 hours north of Trondheim.

From here, The Golden Road will take you through soft rolling hillside terrains and fjords, toproud farmers and world class food, art, and countryside luxury at Øyna Cultural Landscape Hotel.

How about making it a cycling holiday?

It can also be “kos” to take the kids to experience our historical roots at Stiklestad.

On 29 July 1030, The Battle of Stiklestad played an important part in the conversion of Norway from paganism to Christianity.

History is still very much alive at the Stiklestad National Culture Centre, which every year stages Scandinavia’s largest open-air theatre, the Saint Olav Drama.

Another place with a distinct history is the UNESCO town of Røros – probably the cosiest mining town in the world.

Cuddle up in front of the fireplace in one of the tiny log houses, most of them originals that keep warm even in temperatures down to minus 40 degrees Celsius. And yes, it does get that cold in the winter.

Moreover, Røros is famous for its first-class local food.

In the northern part of Trøndelag, a 650-kilometre-long scenic coastal route awaits. Kystriksveien follows the Helgeland coast all the way to Bodø in Nordland, Northern Norway.

It is easy to understand why this landscape is considered one of the most beautiful on earth!

You can drive the whole route in two days, but to ensure enough time for both “kos” and some great adventures, set aside at least five days.

“Kos” is also about being one with nature and setting out on a journey at nature’s own pace.

For instance to Hanshelleren (pictured), or to Halvikhula, the largest cave in Northern Europe.

Inland, seven national parks are waiting just for you.

No queues.

The only parties you might find here consist of the kings of the forest – moose – or a heard of the mighty musk oxen at Dovrefjell.

If you prefer, you can enjoy the beautiful nature while waiting for the big catch. Trøndelag is a paradise for anglers that want to measure strength with cod, halibut, or haddock.

Or the pink baron himself. You’ll find him in some of the world’s best salmon rivers – right here in Trøndelag.

On a bridge over the salmon river Namsen, you can stay in a unique fisherman’s lodge: a parked retro train!

And then there are the zen moments. When you breathe in the fresh air and feel the salty wind in your hair.

Spend a night or ten in some of the cute traditional fishing villages dotted about the hundreds of islands on the rugged coastline.

Or go for the 2.0 version of “remote rural fishing village” at mind-blowing Stokkøya, where you can enjoy experiences like tasty seaweed on a plate, surprising architecture – and the coolest beach bar of the north.

Check out the hundreds of bars, festivals, and experiences that await in Trøndelag.

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