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Quiet sunrise at Bjåfjella-Skjækerfjella National Park in Trøndelag. Lakavashatten, relatively sharp peak, offers a fantastic round view towards Lierne National Park and Sweden in the distance. Quiet sunrise at Bjåfjella-Skjækerfjella National Park in Trøndelag. Lakavashatten, relatively sharp peak, offers a fantastic round view towards Lierne National Park and Sweden in the distance. Quiet sunrise at Bjåfjella-Skjækerfjella National Park in Trøndelag. Lakavashatten, relatively sharp peak, offers a fantastic round view towards Lierne National Park and Sweden in the distance.
Quiet sunrise at Bjåfjella-Skjækerfjella National Park in Trøndelag. Lakavashatten, relatively sharp peak, offers a fantastic round view towards Lierne National Park and Sweden in the distance. Quiet sunrise at Bjåfjella-Skjækerfjella National Park in Trøndelag. Lakavashatten, relatively sharp peak, offers a fantastic round view towards Lierne National Park and Sweden in the distance.
Photo: Petr Pavlicek
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Trøndelag – the historic centre of Norway

Rooted in Norwegian traditions in the middle of Norway, Trøndelag is a perfect base for experiencing nature, culture and Norway’s exciting history.

Trøndelag’s seven national parks and two nature reserves are suitable for hiking, cycling, hunting and fishing. The salmon rivers Gaula, Orkla and Namsen have attracted anglers from all over Europe ever since the 19th century. The Dovrefjell mountains are one of the only places in the world where you can experience musk ox. The coast of Trøndelag is wild and beautiful and is renowned for its good fishing.

The major city of Trondheim has attractions including the national museum of popular music Rockheim, the lively old town Bakklandet and The Nidarosdomen Cathedral, which is an international pilgrimage site. More than 30,000 students contribute to an urban atmosphere.

The Battle of Stiklestad in 1030, in which King Olav II (later known as Saint Olav) was killed, represents a turning point in Norwegian history and marks Norway’s transition from paganism to Christianity. The Saint Olav Drama performed on the battlefield during the annual Saint Olav Festival is largest open-air theatrical performance in the Nordic region.

The charming mining town of Røros was inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List in 1980. Røros is well known for its vibrant arts and crafts milieu, distinctive small shops and cosy restaurants serving the region’s wonderful local food.

Geologiøya Leka i Nord-Trøndelag
Steinar Johansen
Nidarosdomen natt
Øyvind Blomstereng
Ocean view from the Beach Bar at Stokkøya
Tuva Klevan
View over The Golden Route in Inderøy
Steinar Johansen
Top destinations in Trøndelag
The traditional town of Røros, which is known as one of Norway’s sustainable destinations, is a modern community in which people live and… Read more
Trondheim is Norway’s third largest city. Getting here is easy and it’s a perfect base for exploring the region. Read more
At the coast of Trøndelag you will experience genuine coastal heritage, local food and a wide range of activities at both sea and on land. Read more
Hitra, Frøya & Fosen
Kystriksveien is a beautiful scenic road between Steinkjer and Bodø. Most people travel Kystriksveien by car, but it is also a great cycling… Read more
Kystriksveien - the coastal route
Located between the two mountain regions of Dovrefjell and Trollheimen, and with more than 55 percent of the area declared national park or protected… Read more
Innherred was an important area in Norway during the middle ages, and the locals are proud of their heritage, the tasty locally produced food and the… Read more
What to do in Trøndelag
Ersgard is a 250 year old farm located in the countryside of Stjørdal, just 5 km from Trondheim Airport Værnes. The farm has 3 river stretches (beats)… Read more
Salmon fishing at Ersgard
We arrange sleddog-trips at wintertime, where you can mush "your own" dog-team; 4- 6 dogs. Longer trips (expeditions) will take place up in the… Read more
RørosHusky- Dogsledding
Order in advance, use the bookinglink or telephone. Trondheimkajakk is welcoming you to take an amazing trip by kayak down the Nidelven river in… Read more
Kayak tours on Nidelva
You can take bike rides in beautiful scenic environments, choose between three to seven hour rides in three different, well marked trails with easy to… Read more
Cycling in the World Heritage site of Røros
Like heaven for active people! Grong Skisenter is located between the cities of Trondheim and Mosjøen, not far from E6 (10 km from Grong city), and… Read more
Grong Skisenter
Dovrefjell National Park is the only place in Norway, and one of few places in the world, where you can experience the majestic musk ox. Join us in a… Read more
Musk Ox Safari
Flatanger is a new proving ground for hard sport climbing, and it has been drawing elite climbers from around the world. The area's Hanshelleren cave… Read more
Climb Flatanger
Experience the wilderness just a stone throw away from Mosvik pier. With a few oar strokes in the boat over the bay, you can take the boat into a… Read more
Mosvik Pier, Squirrel safari
Weekend pilgrimage on the old Pilgrim route. Ask for details at the Tourist Information Office. Read more
Weekend pilgrimage
Meet at the tourist information in Trondheim city center, where you will be met by your guide, an expert on the Northern Lights. The guide will take… Read more
Hunting for the Northern Lights in Trondheim
Pre-packed, self-guided pilgrimage from Berkåk to Trondheim. Includes accomodation, food and luggage transport. Do you want to go on a pilgrimage in… Read more
Pre-packed pilgrimage
Between Hitra and the mainland is Trondheim lane from Kyrhaug in the southwest to the northeast Agdenes. Safe and broad, straight and pure - without… Read more
Along the Trondheim lane
Food and drink in Trøndelag
Farm shop Gangstad Gårdsysteri (farm cheese dairy) produce award-winning cheeses and ice cream from the farm's fresh cow's milk. The farm shop is open… Read more
Gangstad Gårdsysteri - farm cheese dairy
We have the nicest backyard in Trondheim, with the most unique atmosphere! And you MUST try our tasty fish soup! Named "Best cafe in 2012" by Andrew… Read more
Baklandet Skydsstation
Folk & Fe is a restaurant in Trondheim located in the old part of town called Bakklandet. We make all our dishes from local ingredients, and inspired… Read more
Folk & Fe
Havfruen Restaurant is Trondheim’s oldest restaurant specialising in seafood. Havfruen is located in a venerable warehouse building on the banks of… Read more
Credo restaurant consists of both a gourmet restaurant and a bistro. The restaurant on the ground floor is the core of our business. Instead of… Read more
Credo restaurant
Stokkøya Sjøsenter and The Beach Bar is situated near one of Norways finest beaches, and has both excellent food, comfortable accommodation and… Read more
The Beach Bar, Stokkøya Sjøsenter
Hotel Freya offers local dishes, based on the best ingredients in the region. Besides a lot of good fish and shellfish, is also served deer and wild… Read more
Havheim restaurant Hotell Frøya
This warm and welcoming restaurant is an excellent place to gather your friends and family, or to end the workday with your colleagues with a nice… Read more
Brasseriet - Røros Hotell
The restaurant focuses mainly on local produce and preparing them in a Mediterranean style while the bar focuses on drinks and service at a top… Read more
To Rom og Kjøkken
Frati's first owner came from Italy in 1973 and started the first italian restaurant in Trondheim. Today it is his son who owns this well-renowned… Read more
Nidelven Kjøkken bases its menu on locally produced raw ingredients. It is important to the hotel where the raw ingredients come from and which… Read more
Restaurant Nidelven
Located in the best region in Norway for ingredients, and backed by Clarion’s concepts and strategy for organic foods, short transport distances and… Read more
Astrum Grill & Raw Bar
Arts & culture in Trøndelag
The gallery-shop presents a wide range of my work, both functional ceramics and sculptures. Each piece is unique. Come to the gallery and choose what… Read more
Lysgaard Røros
The houses on Sleggveien, Slag road, give some idea of the social history of the mining community. In the five houses at the top of the road lived day… Read more
Open houses in Sleggveien
Open air museum with more than 60 buildings from Trondheim and the Trøndelag area. Beautiful surroundings, and from the ruins of King Sverre's Castle,… Read more
Sverresborg Open air Museum of Cultural History
The world’s northernmost gothic cathedral. Built from 1070 onwards over the tomb of St. Olav, the Viking king who brought Christianity to Norway, the… Read more
Nidaros Cathedral
Rockheim is Norway’s national museum of pop and rock music. Since the museum’s opening in 2010 there has been a steady stream of visitors eager to… Read more
Rockheim, Norway's national museum of pop and rock
At our wild life park, you can get a close and fascinating look at more than 30 species of animals and birds that are native to the nordic countries.… Read more
Namsskogan Familiepark (wildlife park)
Get to know the Norwegian coastal culture and industry through exhibitions and historic walks in the museum Norveg, the old trading place Berggården… Read more
Norveg, Kystmuseet i Nord-Trøndelag
Bølareinen (a reindeer) is one of the most famous rock carvings in Norway. It is part of a larger carving, where in addition to Bølareinen, you will… Read more
Bølareinen Nature Park
NILS AAS ARTWORKSHOP A creative and vibrant environment! Nils Aas Art Workshop is located in the town centre of idyllic Straumen in Inderøy, just an… Read more
Nils Aas Kunstverksted
Hegra Fortress. This name has a special sound, not only in Stjørdal and Trøndelag, but even in Europe. A symbol of power of resistance and bravery.… Read more
Hegra Fortress
Kjeungskjær lighthouse is the only octagonal lighthouse in Norway. The lighthouse was established in 1880, and from 1880 to 1947 the lighthouse was… Read more
Kjeungskjær Lighthouse
Harbakhula is a large cave out by Nature's own forces; 130 metres deep and 40 metres high. There is a marked path up to the cave where you have the… Read more
Gamle Bybro - The Old Town Bridge - was first built on this site in 1681. At the same time, Kristiansten Fort was under construction. A sentry and… Read more
The Old Town Bridge (Gamle Bybro)
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    Things to do

    With its varied landscape, the Trøndelag region can offer activities from fishing and boating, to skiing and hiking in the mountains. It all depends on where you choose to go, and what you feel like doing. The region has several national parks, and if getting close to nature is your thing, this is the place to do it. Just don’t get too close - the musk oxen are not to be trifled with and are faster than you are, even if they don’t look it.

    Top 6 activities

    These are some of the top ranked activities in Trøndelag, according to Trip Advisor:

    Getting here and around

    Trøndelag is easy to get to whether you travel by plane, car, bus, train or boat. There are good flight connections to many major European cities and the Hurtigruten calls at Trondheim and Rørvik. 

    Food and drink

    With countless producers of local food and a major focus on local food, Trøndelag is Norway’s leading food region. Scallops from Frøya are served at the best restaurants from Dubai to Tokyo, crabs from Hitra are sent to the seafood buffets in Paris and a variety of other products have won awards in Norway and abroad. Did you know that the tradition of “line aquavit” – barrels of aquavit being transported across the equator before being bottled – originates from Trondheim, and that the first written record of aquavit can be traced to Trøndelag? When in Trøndelag - eat and drink local.

    White Guide recommended restaurants in Trøndelag

    Where to stay

    Coming to Trøndelag is a bit like coming home. Whether you choose to stay at a modern city hotel or a traditional rorbu (fisherman’s cottage) on the coast, you will be greeted on arrival by friendly and welcoming locals of Trøndelag. Perhaps you could imagine sleeping among wolves at a zoological park.

    Top 6 hotels in Trøndelag

    These are some of the top ranked hotels in Trøndelag, according to Trip Advisor:

    All destinations in Trøndelag

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    Trøndelag also offers ...

    We have plenty more to offer, and there's no need to wait until you're here to find out what you'd like to do. Go nuts and explore right now!