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Food and drink in Trondheim

In Trondheim, the idea of “local food” has deep, natural roots that constantly find new ways. This culinary destination is nicely located in the epicentre of everything fresh from the inland and the sea.

A hearty pilgrimage for foodies

Right now, in terms of food, Trondheim tastes of fresh thinking. “Because we aren’t the biggest city, we work hard to give you the best we can”, says Renée Fagerhøi, chef and owner of the restaurant Bula Neobistro.

Growing up in the immediate rural outskirts of the city centre, Renée quickly learned everything from baking and harvesting to slaughtering poultry. The name “Bula” is common Norwegian slang for a low-key place to eat, drink, and socialise.

“Trondheim is a great place to go if you want to have it all”, Renée promises.

The varied smells of Norway’s third-largest city come from an increasing amount of different kitchens. All over Trondheim, there is a strong culture for mixing local food with bright new ideas, especially at places like the Michelin restaurants Fagn and Speilsalen, as well as at To Rom og Kjøkken, Astrum Skybar, 73 Bar og Restaurant, and the seafood restaurant Havfruen Sjømatrestaurant. Locals gather around these tables to celebrate, or they just drop by to get a bite to eat.

Sellanraa Bok & Bar is typical for the Trondheim trend of making heroes out of local suppliers of fresh ingredients. Small and big game, lamb, shellfish and other seafood, and berries are all specialities from the region of Trøndelag.

A new wave of microbreweries, together with several novel coffee shops, continues a long local brewing tradition. Several times a year you can be tempted at a Farmer’s market at Torvet, and every early August you can gorge yourself at the food festival Trøndersk matfestival.

Renée thinks nature in and around Trondheim has all the fresh ingredients the city’s many picky chefs want, and sums it up: “Trondheim is the place to be. I hope to see you soon.”

Find more inspiration on Trondheim’s official website.

Gourmet food the Trondheim way

Fagn has one Michelin star, and several other restaurants serve high-class food. The tourist office of Trondheim also sells culinary walks that satisfy refined palates.

Come to Trondheim for the burgers

A new breed of enthusiasts has created their own burger joints, like Bror, Cowsea, and Døgnvill, where local ingredients are king.

Enjoy local food in historic settings

Combine some of Trondheim’s many historic sites with lunch or brunch at places like Café To Tårn in the visitor centre of the Nidaros Cathedral, or choose one of the three eateries at Sverresborg Folk Museum. There are also cafés and restaurants in historic buildings, like Café Ni Muser.

Grab a cold one

Check out the numerous foaming products of proud, local beer traditions, from ØX Tap Room, via the first Norwegian independent breweries Trondhjems Mikrobryggeri, to the traditional E.C. Dahls. And you’re obviously aloud to choose wine as well. Or even a cocktail!

Seek some exquisite seafood

Stroll by the typical wooden warehouses and the rest of the harbour and bump into a variety of places to eat, where they serve seafood and other dishes.

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