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Norway's top restaurants

and food experiences

Wow... that was amazingly delicious!

There's food — and then there's heavenly food.

Norway is becoming a hotspot for fabulous restaurants and food producers, all giving you world-class gastronomic experiences:


If you are looking for a top-class international restaurant, then Maaemo in Oslo is the place for you! In 2018, the restaurant was ranked the world's 35th best restaurant.

Maaemo is the first restaurant in Norway to earn three stars in the Michelin guide.

Book well in advance to secure yourself a table!


As the only restaurant with two stars in the Michelin guide for 2022, the gourmet establishment RE-NAA is another jewel of Norwegian Michelin Restaurants.

The restaurant is located in Stavanger, on the southwest coast of Norway. Choose from a menu inspired by the local landscape that will give you a unique culinary experience.

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Under, with its one star, put Southern Norway on the Michelin map in 2020.

Located in Lindesnes, the spectacular underwater restaurant is the world's largest of its kind.

Experience the ocean as you dine, sitting five and a half meters below sea level. It's a once in a lifetime view!


Have you ever heard of a "Meteorological menu"? At Cornelius outside Bergen, the chefs create a daily menu based on the weather and the catch. It's one of Norway's best seafood restaurants, inspired by the beauty of the local fjords on the West coast.

The restaurant is located on Holmen island, just a short boat trip from Bryggen.

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Norway's capital Oslo is a popular culinary destination, offering everything from affordable international food trucks and food halls, to the best Nordic cuisine at fine dining restaurants.

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People are getting a taste for Trøndelag and its unique food culture. In 2022, the region has been awarded the title European Region of Gastronomy.

In elegant surroundings in Speilsalen (the 'Mirror Hall'), at the Britannia Hotel in Trondheim, you can experience an award winning culinary journey in a Michelin star restaurant created by World Champion Chef and Bocuse d'Or silver medalist Christopher Davidsen.


Credo not only has one Michelin star, it also received Michelin's first award for sustainability in 2019. Credo was previously located in Trondheim, but in 2024 it will open with a new concept in the National Library in Oslo!

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One of the most unique things about traditional Norwegian food is that the food travels straight from farm to fork in many places.

Kvitnes Gård

The star chefs (and best restaurants) are not only found in big cities...

At Kvitnes Farm in Vesterålen in Northern Norway, you can experience fine dining in a very cosy and informal environment. With some of the best ingredients in the world prepared by one of Norway's best chefs, Halvar Ellingsen, you will enjoy an extraordinary meal.

For more top quality (and sustainable!) dining experiences in idyllic rural surroundings, book a table at Boen Farm near Kristiansand or Engø Farm in Vestfold.

At Norway's historic, unique, and traditional hotels and restaurants, you can also explore local food traditions at their best with first-class seafood, produce sourced from local farms, mountain flavours that are wildly good!

Sample a meal prepared by some of the country's most famous chefs, such as mountain food expert Arne Brimi at Vianvang in Lom (pictured), or Bocuse d'Or winner Ørjan Johannessen at beautiful Bekkjarvik in Austevoll in Fjord Norway.

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Thanks to our rich and tasty apples, Norway has become one of the world's best countries for cider.

Hardanger is the epicentre of handcrafted cider production. Sider frå Hardanger (cider from Hardanger)is a protected geographical indication, like Champagne.

In the north, reindeer meat and first-class seafood are often served at the many cosy, local, and traditional restaurants, such as Til Elise fra Marius in Utskarpen or Umami in Harstad.

You can also try exotic king crab fishing and sample freshly cooked crabs in Kirkenes, or enjoy the world-famous Atlantic cod skrei in Lofoten and Vesterålen.

As you can see, Norwegian food offers many exciting surprises, including for your sweet tooth ...

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