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Experience Norway’s unique


Are you a real foodie?

Then you should explore these culinary destinations in Norway.

1. King crab safari in Kirkenes

This is the king of seafood in the north. Imagine catching it yourself in wild and beautiful Kirkenes or Varanger, in Northern Norway.

An hour later, you’re inside, warm and comfortable, adding a dash of lemon before digging in to the world’s most exclusive meal.

Get inspired to try more delicious food from the Arctic kitchen.

2. Skrei in Lofoten

Skrei (Atlantic cod) is one of the world’s best and most sustainable edible fish. Every year, the skrei migrate to Lofoten, Vesterålen, and other parts of Northern Norway to spawn.

Go on a skrei adventure during winter, and experience the season at its peak from February to April.

Enjoy freshly caught cod. Don't forget to also sample the world famous stockfish, tørrfisk, that has been dried in fresh air in the traditional way.

Enjoy it steamed, grilled, or baked – or even as a dry snack like crisps!

Read more about Skrei, the fish that built Norway.

3. Trondheim – The European region of gastronomy

Venison, reindeer, cheese, and seafood are all delicacies you can expect to sample when visiting the Trøndelag region in Central Norway. With more than 200 local food producers, Trøndelag is one of the most important local food regions in the country, which helps explain why Trondheim and Trøndelag was named European region of gastronomy 2022.

The cosy, historical city of Trondheim has become a culinary hot spot in Norway, with several Michelin restaurants as well as quirky, informal eateries and bars.

Get the full foodie's guide to Trondheim and Trøndelag!

4. Røros – a paradise of locally sourced food

Reindeer meat and delicious cheeses, ice cream made of cloudberries and local treats like pjalt and lemse cakes.

Intriguing Røros has long been an epicentre for locally sourced food in Norway, and its culinary scene is filled with pure, authentic flavours from local forests and mountain plateaus – both salty and sweet.

Join a local food safari and remember to ask your server for local food recommendations!

5. Clipfish in Kristiansund

Before oil and salmon, dried and salted cod was one of Norway's biggest exports. Perfectly located by the Norwegian sea, Kristiansund naturally became one of the biggest export hubs for clipfish - the main ingredient in the Portuguese (and Norwegian) dish bacalao.

Sample the world famous cod while watching fishing boats sail by, and learn more about its fascinating history at the Norwegian Clipfish Museum.

6. Cider in Hardanger

Enjoy our happy bubbles!

Recent years have seen a boom in new Norwegian cider producers who make internationally award winning cider. Many producers are located in beautiful Hardanger, where you can visit a cider farm, go on a cider cruise, and even stay at a cider hotel in Utne.

"Cider from Hardanger" is now a geographically protected label (the EU's Protected Designation of Origin), just like Champagne!

7. Hol - the cheese village

Over the course of just a few years, a small village between Oslo and Bergen has transformed itself into a veritable cheese heaven.

Stop by Hol Ysteri a cool, small cheesemaker with more than 20 cheeses from eight local producers. Prestholt cheese is one of Norway's most renowned goat cheeses – try sweet brown cheese or aged white! You should also try the cheeses at Rueslåtten cheese factory, one of which is a World Cheese Awards winner.

Many cheeses are made from delicious and nutritious milk from livestock that graze at summer mountain farms.

8. Gvarv – the fruit village

Life in the country never tasted better than this!

The small village of Gvarv in Telemark takes serious pride in calling itselfFruktbygda, the fruit village. Sleep in a wine barrel at a vineyard, visit some of Norway's coolest farm pubs and microbreweries, and many other charming farm shops and galleries.

Indulge your taste buds with apple juices, raspberries, cherries, plums, and sparkling ciders.

Gvarv is also the apple capital of Norway. Find your favorite: Fruity, sweet, or crisp, and attend the apple festival!

Check out the sweet taste of Norway’s fruit and berries.

9. Under – subsea dining in Southern Norway

A once in a lifetime experience... Dine in the world’s biggest underwater restaurant! Under is not only below the surface, it's Michelin acclaimed food is "wUNDERful"!

The underwater atmosphere, culinary delights and unique surroundings combine to create a truly unique experience you'll never forget!

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