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Den Gyldne Omvei

The Golden Road on two wheels

Is this the tastiest cycle trip in Norway?

About two hours north of Trondheim, just off the E6 motorway to Bodø,you can experience The Golden Road detour and explore the idyllic Inderøy peninsula by bike or by car!

Here are some of the highlights!

Get ready to enjoy world class food and aquavit, arts and crafts, beautiful nature, and true countryside luxury.

This is the view from "one of the most incredible hotels in the world," according to Fodor's Travel.

If you arrive by plane at Trondheim Airport Værnes, board the northbound Trønderbanen branch line at Værnes Station.

After about 1 hour and 15 minutes, you'll arrive at Røra Station, the starting point for the journey.

Travelling by car? Take the E6 motorway to Inderøy, and you'll see a sign for an exit marked "Den gyldne omvei".

Bring your own bike or rent one. Visit Innherred rents out both electric and regular bikes, and can arrange to meet you right at the train station

You can even get your luggage transported to your accommodation if desired – smooth and easy!

Cycling among soft rolling hills in the countryside is fantastic.

The pedalling feels easy with an electric bike, and it's not far between the highlights. You can get around most places on the peninsula in an hour, and there are many different routes and roads to take.

Being on The Golden Road, you find yourself in one of Norway's leading regions for locally produced food.

You can sample delicious food at numerous farm shops and eateries along the way.

At God Mat Lokalt, at the southernmost end of The Golden Road, just off the E6 in Røra, you will find fruit and vegetables, meat, bread, milk, cheese, honey and other goods from over 70 local food and drink producers.

Experience the wonderful places where the food is made.

Be on the lookout for an old yellow house!

Gulburet, "the yellow cage", has its own bakery, farm shop, café and even a microbrewery.

Say hello to the lovely owner, Liv Elin!

Did I mention that the people of Trøndelag are renowned for being extra trivelige friendly and welcoming?

Eat, drink and enjoy each other's company out in their lush yard– or when grey weather sets in, you can move indoors to their intimate loft. It's like being in a museum!

The route winds between Trønderske farms and historical attractions, and passes, among other things, the beautiful granite Sakshaug old church from the early Middle Ages.

You never know what's waiting around the corner ...

A flock of red deer are grazing outside the Gjørv Farm.

Here in Trøndelag, you will see that deer is a delicacy often served in restaurants.

Sightseeing can make you hungry!

Trøndelag locals like to get together to enjoy the festive dish, sodd – a traditional meatball soup. Served with boiled potatoes and carrots, and traditional skjenning, a sweet flatbread.

Inderøysodd from the butcher shop at Inderøy Slakteri is one of the most famous types of sodd, and is a Geographically Protected Designation.

Take a break from your bike and explore Straumen, Inderøy's largest village.

The village is named after the tidal current you can see here, which is said to be Norway's second strongest, beaten only by the Saltstraumen outside Bodø.

Mmm! One of the highlights in Straumen is definitely Marens Bakery

Treat yourself to heavenly lunch dishes and cakes, together with organic coffee. They also have some very, very good gluten free baked goods from their separate gluten free kitchen!

Another great place to eat is at the café Kjerringa me' Straumen. Here, you can buy both the cup and the furniture after finishing your coffee.

Stroll through Muustrøparken Sculpture Park, home to several sculptures by Nils Aas, one of Norway’s foremost sculptors, who was born and raised here in Straumen. A short walk away, you'll find the Nils Aas Kunstverksted, a workshop and gallery space where you can see a unique collection of art.

Patience, tradition, and pure ingredients. 

If you have a car, or want a slightly longer cycle trip, visit Gangstad Gårdsysteri, a dairy where they make some of the world's best cheeses!

Blue cheese, Camembert, or spreadable cheese? To discover your favourite, you have to try them all!

Be sure to taste the Nidelven Blå, which has won several awards, including super gold at the World Cheese Awards in 2019.

On hot summer days, you can cool down with tasty homemade ice cream made from the farm's fresh cow's milk.

Buy a refreshing kombucha (a fermented tea drink) for the road. It tastes extra good when you have cycled far!

This may well be Trøndelag's most exotic drink – Surf Kombuchais produced and bottled in Straumen.

Refill, please!

And don't forget to stop at Inderøy Mosteri, the world's northernmost commercial apple orchard.

Here, you can try mouth-watering apple and fruit juices ... Join a tasting and buy some to bring back home.

Did you know that Trøndelag is world famous for its aquavit? 

Inderøy Brenneri is a Golden Road distillery that won three gold medals in the "The Best Spirits of 2022" competition. 

The distillery at Berg Gård offers guided tours and tastings

Or are you more into beer? Inderøy Gårdsbryggeri brews more than 20 varieties of beer, based on old recipes and traditions, at its farm-based brewery!

Want some countryside luxury at the end of the day?

At the modern, world renowned Øyna Cultural Landscape Hotel, you can enjoy panoramic views and stylish rooms that blend in with nature.

It is also home to one of the best restaurants in the area, with three and five-course gourmet meals and a sky bar!

Øyna is just across a field from Husfrua Gårdshotell, a charming restored farm house from 1867 where every room has its own personal story. 

When evening comes, sink down into soft sheets ...

... and wake up to a new day and an incredible breakfast – of course featuring local delights.

This is your golden opportunity – plan your trip today!