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Innherred in Trøndelag

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Looks cozy, doesn't it?

Who said you only can go summer camping? Winter and tons of snow makes it even more fun to slip into a luxurious canvas tent with a double bed and wood-burning stove!

It's not possible to get any closer to nature than you do at Villnis at Inderøy.

Your stay includes a complimentary basket full of products made by fantastic local food producers!

One of the main attractions in this area, about one hour north of Trondheim, is The Golden Road — Den Gyldne Omvei,a unique route through beautiful nature that's full of experiences.  

Take a little detour off the E6, the main road between north and south, and discover the best local food and drink, farm shops, galleries, and exciting accommodation.

It's hard to tear yourself away from this view.

At Øyna cultural landscape hotel, you are truly integrated into the surroundings, but in comfortable and modern rooms.

The hotel is located at the top of Inderøy with views of the Trondheim Fjord, Innherred and Den Gyldne Omvei.

Make sure to stop by the town of Steinkjer, with its cozy downtown shopping area.

It's worthwhile for history buffs to visit the city and the surrounding area, as it was a centre of power in Viking times and the Early Middle Ages.

Get insight into life in ancient times at Egge museum, where the Most powerful Viking chieftains once lived. The area is exciting and fun for children of all ages!

"Battle of Stiklestad" in year 1030 is one of the most famous viking battles in the history of Norway — and it actually took place here, at Innherred!

Today, the history of Stiklestad is presented at the Stiklestad National Culture Centre, which features all year round exhibitions, a museum shop, restaurant and the adjacent Scandic hotel at Verdal.

They also have a popular open-air play "The Saint Olav Drama", performed annually during the Olsok days at Stiklestad festival at the end of July.

This is just some few examples of what you can experience! Scroll down to get more good tips on accommodation, activities and places to eat.

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