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Whales and wow moments

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It’s hard to beat the experience of seeing the tail of a huge sperm whale wave goodbye under the midnight sun …

… or watching humpback whales and killer whales play around in the winter waves.

Vesterålen is Norway’s only year-round destination for whale experiences, thanks to the location close to the continental shelf. Join a guided whale safari!

And soon, all whale enthusiasts will have yet another reason to visit Andenes …

… when the new Whale Centre opens its doors to the public. Check out that building!

Vesterålen’s nature experiences are not just at sea. You’ll find plenty of wow moments on the 1,330 islands too.

Cycling or driving the Norwegian Scenic Route Andøya for example, is a great way to experience much beauty in little time!

... and you may even have to pinch your arm a few times.

For example when the northern lights dance across the night sky between September and April.

Or when you look out at the archipelago, the sea, and the fishing villages on a hike. Try the trip to Dronningruta or Møysalen.

In the summer you can stay out under the midnight sun …

… and in the winter you can go snowshoeing on fresh powder snow. The nickname “Hikers’ paradise” works all year, as you can see 😊

Enjoy the view! 

Vesterålen has also chieved the certification Sustainable Destination. Although this does not mean that the destination is sustainable, it does mean that it has made a commitment to work systematically to reduce the negative effects of tourism, while strengthening its positive ripple effects.

Other guaranteed wow moments are when you see the glimmering Trollfjord mirror the mountain peaks …

Other guaranteed wow moments are when you see the glimmering Trollfjord mirror the mountain peaks …

… when you make it to a peak like Reka with the help of bolts, ropes, and a local guide …

… and when you discover some of Norway’s longest and most beautiful beaches, like those near the fishing villages Hovden (pictured) and Bleik.

The wildlife at sea is far from the only spectacle in this part of Northern Norway.

Let a guide take you where elks swim and fox cubs play, or to the bird mountain where some 80,000 puffins have to watch out for hunting sea eagles.

You’ll also find that the archipelago north in Nordland has a lot more than wilderness on a high altitude to offer. Discover vibrant coastal communities …

… and cool attractions.

At the Spaceship Aurora visitor center at Andøya you can experience the launch of your own rocket, and have fun with lots of interactive exhibitions, learn about the northern lights, and play astronaut.

And the new Hurtigruten Museum welcomes you aboard a piece of coastal history.

Remember to bring a piece of the charming fishing village Nyksund with you home!

What used to be a ghost town is now a creative retreat with galleries, museums, and some of Vesterålen’s best restaurants.

You’ll still see plenty of fishing boats and trawlers going out to the rich fishing grounds though, some with tourists on board. Feel free to join!

It’s a great place to go fishing – the sea is teeming with fish and other seafood. Perhaps you’ll get a skrei (migrating Arctic cod) on the hook? Skrei has been the region’s most important export product ever since the Viking Period.

Also, be sure to taste the astonishing variety of cod dishes. Apart from the local delicacy stockfish, you’ll find menus with fresh, fried, boiled, and oven-baked cod – you name it, Vesterålen serves it.

Whatever you choose, you’ll see why this white fish meat from Norway is so popular in most corners of the world.

Try the local Sami delicacies too, including reindeer meat so tender it melts in your mouth.

Pay a visit to Inga Sami Siida to experience Sami traditions and reindeer up close.

Vesterålen offers wow moments whether you travel with your partner, your friends, or your family. Come and see it for yourself!

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