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Modern meets historic: Treat yourself to a zen moment in the Soria Moria sauna …

… and dine under chandeliers at Dalen Hotel, known as the "adventure hotel". Kings from four countries have spent the night here before you!

Telemark is above all an adventurous region with many stories to tell. More folk tales have been collected here than anywhere else in Norway.

Daydream of times gone by under the multi-tiered roof of Heddal Stave Church

… or hike Sabotørstien (Sabotage trail) to Vemork power station in Rjukan. The trail is the same one that was used by the heroes of one of the most dramatic sabotage missions of World War II.

Mountains and coast: Nearby, you can also admire the country's widest vista at Gaustatoppen mountain. On a clear day, you can see one-sixth of mainland Norway from up here!

The mountain is easy to hike on foot, but it's even easier – and just as adventurous – to ride the Gaustabanen cable car, which also takes you to the top, deep inside the mountain on rails from the Cold War.

Another historic and equally impressive attraction is The Telemark Canal, hailed as "the eight wonder of the world" when it was built.

Admire the green landscape reflected in the canal and hear the water roar as the locks lift your boat.

Did you know that Henrik Ibsen came from Skien in Telemark?

The famous Norwegian playwright’s childhood home is now open to the public as the Henrik Ibsen Museum. Expect an interesting and fun mix of historical and modern experiences. Don't miss the new Peer Gynt escape room!

Telemark offers all kinds of water adventure.

Dip your toes into the water on the pier in Kragerø, a summer town with charming white houses that are so characteristic of this part of Norway. Or plunge into the salty waves on the many sandy beaches that dot the coast of Skagerrak.

Cool off: Go for a swim in a bright blue mountain lake on Hardangervidda, Northern Europe's largest high mountain plateau, situated at the opposite end of the Telemark region. It’s re-re-refreshing!

Want speed and excitement?

An easy way to feel your stomach drop is to ride the water slides at Bø Sommarland.

The water in Telemark is just as wonderful in winter – when it turns to snow.

After all, the area is the birthplace of skiing! Morgedal in Telemark is where Sondre Norheim once hurled down slopes and across rooftops on homemade skis.

Go wild in whirling powder snow …

… or take the chairlift to the slopes at one of the many local resorts, like Gausta and Rauland Ski Centre.

You can also bring your skis on the Gaustabanen cable car and ski back down.

The nature in Telemark is perfect for outdoor activities, whether you choose to hike along Lårdalstigen or other trails …

… or prefer to go paddling or climbing.

You can also cycle along the coast, in the mountains, in the forest, or through beautiful cultural landscapes.

Gourmet goodies: The secret behind Telemark's rich culinary traditions is its fertile cultural landscape, from the coast to the mountains.

Sample award winning local cheese, enjoy Norway's best eplemost (apple juice), and sip exquisite wine from the world's northernmost vineyard in the fruit village at Gvarv.

And try farmer Kari’s recipe for a delicious apple cake from the Fruit Village! Or what about some tasty Norwegian Gløgg?

Let it all sink in on a glamping trip where you spend the night in a yurt by a magical lake in a forest.

Do you dream of mythical creatures like trolls and huldra? In that case, you’ll find your dream accommodation on a traditional farm. Unless you prefer to stay in a wine barrel or a treetop cabin!

Which wonders will you explore first?

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