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Hardangervidda national park - southeastern part

Hardangervidda is the largest national park in Norway, and the scenery is varied with steep mountainsides and spectacular views.

The Hardangervidda is Europe's largest high mountain plateau, and here is Norway's largest national park.

The nature is varied, with steep terrain and stunning views.

Most of the area is easy to navigate. The nature is varied from flat plains on the east side to steep mountains and fjords on the west side.

Hardangervidda National Park is the largest national park in mainland Norway with its 3422 km2 distributed in the counties of Hordland, Buskerud and Telemark. To the west, the national park includes areas belonging to the municipalities of Odda, Ullensvang and Eidfjord, to the east Hol and Nore and Uvdal, and to the southeast Tinn and Vinje.

The national park was established in 1981, and half of the area is on private land.

Europe's largest wild reindeer tribe

An important intention with the national park was to secure the areas for the wild reindeer population, which is Europe's largest. On the Hardangervidda, the wild reindeer can still make natural walks without too great obstacles.

The Hardangervidda is also considered a southern border for several Arctic plants and animals, especially mountain foxes and snowy owls.

The fishing opportunities are many and the mountain trout from the Hardangervidda is widely known for its good quality.

Traffic on the Hardangervidda

To protect the wild reindeer, it is requested that you use already marked trails if you are traveling on the Hardangervidda.

DNT has a well-spread trail network.

Activities on the Hardangervidda from Rjukan:

- cabin to cabin

- cycle on the Hardangervidda

- Krossobanen - fastest way to Hardangervidda

- MB Fjellvåken - idyllic boat trip on the Hardangervidda

Hardangervidda National Park Center

Hardangervidda National Park Center at Skinnarbu is a dissemination arena for nature and wild reindeer on the Hardangervidda.

Source: Visitrjukan AS


Hardangervidda national park - southeastern part

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