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Enjoy Southern Norway’s greatest view from Gaustatoppen, the highest peak in Telemark.

On a clear day, you can see one-sixth of Norway!

You can even spend the night there, and wake up to a spectacular sunrise.

The mountain will set your Instagram feed on fire from below too.

Lonely Planet calls it «Norway’s most beautiful mountain», and we're sure you can see why!

And yet, its best secret is hidden deep inside.

How many mountains can you ascend James Bond-style, via a Cold War funicular built by NATO?

For a real-life action story, head no further than Vemork, where a museum tells the story of one of the most daring sabotage missions during the Second World War.

A guided tour on The Saboteur’s trail brings the heroic tale even closer, albeit sweatier.

It’s no coincidence that Lonely Planet describes Rjukan as “Southern Norway’s activity centre par excellence”.

True daredevils can challenge gravity in Norway’s toughest bungee jump.

Or ice climb up one of the 192 waterfalls that freeze in winter.

Most of us, however, will enjoy Rjukan’s nature in much more peaceful ways.

Like petting the goats at Håvardsrud Seterliv.

Make sure you taste the local specialty rjomegraut (sour cream porridge).

Or the world’s second-best cheese, also made in the area.

Rjukan has achieved the certification Sustainable Destination. Although this does not mean that the destination is sustainable, it does mean that it has made a commitment to work systematically to reduce the negative effects of tourism, while strengthening its positive ripple effects.

The town itself lies in a valley so deep and steep that they have placed giant sun mirrors above the cliffs.

Controlled by a computer, they reflect sunlight to the market square during the winter.

Luckily, the mountains are easily accessible and you can fly above the valley in the charming cable car Krossobanen.

Built in 1928, Krossobanen is a relic from Rjukan's industrial past, which has granted the city UNESCO World Heritage status …

…and doubles as both ski lift for ski tourers in winter, and bike lift in the summer season.

Once you’ve reached the top, you’re free to explore the vast high- mountain nature of Hardangervidda.

As Europe’s largest mountain plateau, it offers incredible opportunities for cycling

…as well as hiking in a varied landscape of flat plains, steep mountainsides, and spectacular views.

Or you can sail deep into the mountains on the tourist boat “Fjellvåken”.

Rjukan is full of adventures also in winter.

Just check out the backdrop to the slopes at Gausta Skisenter.

Or imagine yourself taking a cold dip from this floating sauna.

It’s actually really g-g-g-g-good ...

...and a great way to rejuvenate before a new day of picture-perfect adventures.

Because in Rjukan, they never stop.

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