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Breathtaking landscapes and pristine nature

The freedom to roam.

On nature's own terms.

Norway's national parks are our most important natural treasures.

You are welcome to visit, but remember that you need to show extra consideration in these protected areas.

While hiking spectacular trails, like Kattanakkjen in Jostedalsbreen National Park ...

… or while seeking out autumn adventures, for example in Rondane National Park.

When you visit one of Norway's 47 national parks, you should leave no other trace behind than your gentle footsteps.

...and a big hug.

The national parks are a sanctuary for many rare plants, reindeer, birds, and other species …

... and some very strange animals.

Join a guided safari to get a glimpse of the rare and intriguing musk ox in Dovrefjell.

Always stick to the marked path, like this one in remote Rago National Park in Salten, Northern Norway.

Here, you are guaranteed to experience solitude and being at one with nature!

Many national parks and surrounding regions also offer great fishing opportunities.

Remember to buy a fishing licence!

The big patch of white you see in the middle of a map of Norway is Jostedalsbreen National Park.

It's mostly covered by the Jostedalsbreen glacier, the largest glacier in continental Europe.

Try summer skiing, hiking, and ice climbing, or join a guide and explore the blue ice in one of the park's amazing glacial arms.

Rent a bike and enjoy adventures on two wheels inside the massive Hardangervidda National Park.

Make sure to plan well before you go. Most national parks only permit bikes on designated trails.

You'll also find many fascinating natural attractions close to the parks.

Just outside Hardangervidda National Park, you can visit Vøringsfossen, one of the country's most impressive waterfalls.

Do you dare to cross the bridge suspended above it? 

For more aquatic adventures, visit one of Norway's four marine national parks, one of which is Færder National Park in Færder, Eastern Norway.

For some truly remote and wild experiences, explore the Arctic landscape of Varangerhalvøya National Park.

Go salmon fishing, cross-country skiing, or hiking, and admire the beauty of the elevated land that stretches for miles and miles.

Want something even more remote?

Feel like a true polar explorer in one of Svalbard's seven Arctic national parks.

Always go with a guide. This is the kingdom of the polar bears!

Explore nature, but remember that you are not always able to call your friends from these remote areas.

Remember to bring an old-fashioned map and follow the mountain safety code when venturing into the wild.

Where nature comes first

The area you are entering is home to nature and its creatures. Consideration for animals and plants come first. Explore large and rare ecosystems, unspoilt nature, watch wild animals from a safe and respectful distance, and enjoy the tranquil scenery

National parks are found throughout Norway. You can often find one relatively close to where you are.

Nearly 85 percent of Norway’s national parks are in the mountains, from gently rolling high plateaus to sharp peaks, ravines, and glaciers. Four national parks are defined as marine, which means that 98 percent of their conserved area is underwater.

The right to roam

Outdoor activities are an important part of our national identity. The right to roam (allemannsretten, in Norwegian) has been enshrined in the Norwegian Outdoor Recreation Act since 1957. It stipulates that everyone can freely explore Norwegian nature. You are free to walk almost anywhere in the Norwegian countryside, as long as you follow a few basic rules. 

Theright to roam also applies to most national parks, although certain areas in some parks may have restricted access when species are nesting and breeding, or stricter rules for camping, fishing, hiking, etc. It' therefore a good idea to familiarise yourself with local rules before visiting. You can read more on Norway's official website for national parks.

How to act in nature

The main rules are simple: Be considerate and respectful.
Make sure to not leave rubbish behind and to show respect for nature and people. Leave the places you visit as you would want to find them. Try to leave as small a footprint as possible.
By following these rules, you can freely explore, and enjoy many memorable experiences and activities. Exploring national parks helps enhance awareness of the importance of conservation.
Let the animals themselves show you how to act in nature, so that you can become an expert! 

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