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Tønsberg and Færder

Coastal charm in
Norway’s oldest town

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See and be seen on the boardwalk of Norway’s favourite summer city Tønsberg!

It´s located in Vestfold, an hour's drive south of Oslo and is known as the Oslofjord's sunshine coast …

...where you also can enjoy a mouthwatering plate of mussels in Tjøme, a true summer island paradise in the Færder region.

To get the best overview of Tønsberg, visit the Castle rock tower that provides panoramic views and the Slottsfjell museum gives you a historical overview.

Nearby, you can explore the Vestfoldtunet traditional cluster farm, learn more about the history of whaling and the Viking Age...

... because The Viking roots run deep in this region of Norway.

At Tønsberg harbour, you can take a guided tour back in time at Vikingodden and experience the true size reproduction of the legendary Oseberg Viking Ship.

Exploring the Haugar Art Museum is a must – it's one of Norway’s top contemporary art museums.

Don’t forget to set aside time to shop in the cozy streets and enjoy a harbour-side lunch.

There's a lively atmosphere in Tønsberg until late evening. Boats fill the harbour and locals and visitors flock to outdoor restaurants and concerts at Foynhagen gardens – or the annual summer show!

South of Tønsberg lies the Nøtterøy island with its delightful summer atmosphere. A ferry runs from Tenvik to the isolated and car-free island Veierland. Visit a café, wander the island, and go for a swim!

Further south of Tønsberg you'll find the island Tjøme, with warm, smooth skerries, perfect for sunbathing.

When temperatures hit 20 degrees Celsius, there’s nothing like the soothing sea breeze at Tjøme!

Relax on a sand-covered beach or explore the skerries by boat.

You can also take the passenger ferry to the Bolærne islands, or explore the coast on the steamship DS Kysten.

This area also offers some of the best places to paddling in Norway. You can actually paddle all the way to …

the end of the world, Verdens Ende!

Yes, you heard it! This is a recreational area located at the southernmost tip of Tjøme. Its unique lighthouse makes it a popular destination you don't want to miss even when the forces of nature is raging.

Nearby, you’ll find the Færder National Park visitor center, where you can dine with stunning views of the whole Skagerrak area!

The popular Moutmarka hiking area is close by, offering many beautiful coastal trails.

Feel like cooling off?

At the island of Hvasser you’ll find some of the region’s most popular restaurants, fishmongers, and beaches like Lilleskagen (picture), Hvasser syd and Fynstranda.

Treat yourself with an extravagant overnight stay.

Discover rural luxury at Engø Gård Hotel

…or spend the night at Fulehuk lighthouse out by the open sea.

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