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The Viking Ship Saga Oseberg

The world's most important discovery from the Viking era was made just outside Tønsberg in 1904 - The discovery of the famous Oseberg viking ship.

Experience the Oseberg ship
The Oseberg Viking Inhertiance Foundation has built an exact copy of this ship on a voluntary basis. In the construction process only tools and construction methods identical to what was used during the construction of the original ship in the Viking era was applied.

You can visit the copy of the Oseberg ship at the harbor in Tønsberg.

A copy of the beautiful carved bow can also be seen at The Slottsfjell Museum.

The Klåstadship 
The foundation Oseberg Vikingarv has also built a copy of another famous Viking discovery - The Klåstad ship. The original ship is located at The Slottsfjell Museum. A third ship named Saga Farmann was launched at the harbour of Tønsberg in September 2018.

In 2021, the construction of an archaeological replica of the Gokstad ship also started. The construction will take place both at Vikingodden in Tønsberg and by the Whaling Monument in Sandefjord. Here you have the opportunity to join and build ships with the Vikings' tools.

At the building site, called Vikingodden, The Foundation has a little shop where viking souvenirs and gift items are sold.

Source: Visit Tønsberg


The Viking Ship Saga Oseberg

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