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The Slottsfjells Museum

Slottsfjellsmuseet offers an exhibition on the Middle Ages, "The history of Tønsberg city" both in the museum and in the Slottfjell Tower on top of the hill, "Svend Foyn and Tønsberg", the Whale Hall and its whale skeletons and the Viking Hall with Norway's four preserved Viking ship and the history of the Oseberg find. From the Vestfold courtyard at Tallak you will see old buildings of Vestfold. Slottsfjellsmuseet welcomes you to the museum and Castle Cafe.

In the middle of Tønsberg in beautiful surroundings you find Slottsfjellsmuseet. The museum and the area around it, is a cultural heritage site that represent the city’s long history. The castle ruins show the remains of one of Scandinavia’s largest medieval castles.

The Viking hall
In the museums Viking hall, you will find Norway’s fourth Viking ship; this is the only preserved ship which is placed outside of Oslo. Adding to that is the story of the Oseberg findings, the grave with Europe’s biggest Viking discoveries which was found only 3 km north of Tønsberg’s city center.

Medieval exhibitions
The museum has several medieval exhibits, focusing on the life of kings, nobles, clergy and the common people in medieval Norway. Here you can learn about King Haakon Haakonsson, the civil war era in Norway, and much more.

The Whale hall
This exhibition shows a variety of whale skeletons, caught by whalers in the late 19th and early 20th century. The centerpiece of this exhibit is our blue whale; the world largest animal, approx. 27 meters long and weighing around 150 ton. Our specimen is the biggest preserved blue whale skeleton we know of today. Adjacent to the whale hall is an exhibit about Svend Foyn, a whaling pioneer from Tønsberg.

Vestfold farmyard and world war two bunker
At the foot of the hill, there is a collection of farmhouses from around the county, with the oldest dating from the early 15th century. Here you will also find a charming café. The entrance to the world war two bunker is located next to the café. The bunker was built during the German occupation of Norway from 1940 to 1945 and served as a bomb shelter and ammunition storage.

Guided tours of the museum
For guided tours and prices, please contact the museum.

Source: Visit Vestfold


The Slottsfjells Museum

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