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The world's most important find from the Viking Age was made just outside Tønsberg in 1904, the famous Oseberg ship.

On a voluntary basis, Oseberg Viking Heritage has built an archaeological replica of this ship only using tools and construction methods identical to what was used in the Viking Age. The construction took place on Vikingodden on the pier in Tønsberg, and here you can also see the copy of the Oseberg ship, Saga Oseberg, and the copy of another famous find: the Klåstad ship, which has been given the name, Saga Farmann. The original Klåstad ship is now the only Viking ship you can see at a museum in Norway and it is at the Slottsfjell Museum.

Saga Oseberg and Saga Farmann can be seen on Vikingodden all year round, except when they are on a cruise.

In 2021, the construction of an archaeological replica of the Gokstad ship also began. The construction will take place both at Vikingodden in Tønsberg and at the Whaling Monument in Sandefjord. Here you have the opportunity to join and build ships with the Vikings' tools.

At Vikingodden, there are skilled guides in place on the weekends who can tell you about Vestfold's rich Viking history.

Kiosk with souvenirs and gift items.

Oseberg Viking Heritage offers Viking activities and trips with the Viking ship Saga Oseberg for groups from 10-300 people!

Read more about Oseberg Viking Heritage on the website osebergvikingarv and​​​​​​

Source: Visit Tønsberg



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