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Castle Rock Tower

Slottsfjelltårnet - The Castle Rock Tower is Tønsberg's most famous landmark and is part of Slottsfjellsmuseet which is located at the foot of the hill.

The present tower was built as a 1000-year anniversary and was completed in 1888. The tower is 17 meters high, with a stunning view of the town. The original cross from the Maria Church and the engraved signatures of three Norwegian kings can be seen in the tower - 1906 - King Hakon VII during the coronation process, 1958 - King Olav V during the signing process and 1992 - King Harald V during the opening of Tønsberg and Nøtterøy Library

Slottsfjellet - The Castle Hill area is the most popular outdoor recreation area in the center of Tønsberg, and has a long and exciting history. The Castle Hill has the largest ruin park in Scandinavia with ruins from Castrum Tunsbergis, which was Norways largest castle in the 14th century. The castle was destroyed in 1503.

The ruins once consisted of 700 metres of outer-wall with watchtowers and castles, the King´s Hall, built by King Håkon Håkonsson, “Teglkastellet” built by King Magnus Lagabøte, and St. Mikael Church which may have been completed in 1191. The original main tower was probably even bigger and more beautiful than today's tower.

The powerful crag was the ultimate spot for a castle complex in the insecure times when old Tunsberg - Norway's most important naval port in the east - started growing, and the power struggles between Norway's many kings ravaged the country. Much exciting Norwegian history was written on Slottsfjellet, or Mikkelsberg, as it was once called. Famous Norwegian medieval kings and princesses have married here, and power struggles between the Baglers and the Birkebeiners have played out.

The tower is closed from October - April, but the ruins can be visited year-round.

Source: Visit Tønsberg


Castle Rock Tower

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