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Kingdom of the musk oxen

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Dovrefjell is located in Eastern Norway and is a natural stop along the E6 motorway between Oslo and Trondheim.

The musk oxen make this an animal kingdom unlike any other in Europe. Step into their world and discover a mountain area with undisturbed nature and a fascinating history.

Marked paths lead the way in every direction, towards deep valleys in the west and a rounded landscape in the east.

Do you want to feel like you are on top of the world? Climb the highest peak, Snøhetta, soaring 2,286 metres above sea level. Even though the hike takes about 5–7 hours in total, it’s not very demanding if you are used to hiking in the mountains.

But you don’t have to hike for hours to feel the majestic vibes from Snøhetta. Catch a glimpse of the mountain in warm and cosy surroundings at Viewpoint Snøhetta. You can almost drive all the way here – it’s just a 1.5-kilometre walk from the car park.

Discretely uniting nature and modern architecture, the viewpoint is a part of the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre and is the crown jewel of Dovrefjell. It was even named “World Building of the Year” in 2011.

And, yes – it was designed by the world renowned architects at Snøhetta, a Norwegian company so impressed by the mountain that they named their firm after it.

There are many ways to explore Dovrefjell. Completing the Tour de Dovre on two wheels is a fun option – you can even rent bikes (including electrical ones) in the area.

Or you can saddle up!

You don’t have to be an expert to join guided horseback riding tours from Hjerkinn mountain lodge and Kvistli farms.

And remember to keep your eyes open at all times – there might be someone looking back at you!

Dovrefjell is home to wild reindeer, moose, and cute Arctic foxes. They don’t like to be disturbed, so it is important that you don’t walk towards them if you see them.

Join a guided tour with Hjerkinn farm or Oppdal Safari if you want to catch sight of this beautiful beast – the musk oxen! Even though you have to keep a safe distance, at least 200 metres, you’ll be able to admire them without binoculars. Awesome, right?

If you’re lucky, they’ll strike a nice pose – so bring your camera (and a zoom lens to get a good portrait like this)!

Adventurous days in the mountain will definitely make you hungry – but fear not. The various mountain lodges, like Snøheim (pictured), have just what you need.

From fresh vegetables and tasty fish to reindeer meat, a delicacy, it’s all locally sourced.

It’s super easy to travel to Dovrefjell by train, bus, and car.

Or you can walk!

One of the spiritual pilgrim paths St. Olav Ways to Trondheim passes through Dovrefjell.

This journey lets you connect with your faith, yourself, and the company you have along the way, as well as nature. A heavenly combination.

The Folldal valley is a short detour eastwards, but from here you can continue into neighbouring Rondane National Park and Rondanevegen, the Rondane National Scenic Route.

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