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Highland highlights

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With its tranquil, yet varied and exciting landscape, Rondane national park is the perfect destination for both outdoor enthusiasts and road trippers.

It is located in Eastern Norway, near the culturally rich Gudbrandsdalen valley and Folldal.

If you want to go hiking in the mountains, the village Høvringen is a great starting point for several routes.

You also find many cosy mountain lodges in the national park, which are ideal for family-friendly activities or as a base for hikers …

… that are eager to conquer one of the ten peaks that soar beyond 2,000 metres above sea level.

The highest summit is Rondslottet which reaches 2,178 metres into the sky. The name means “the castle of Rondane” – very fitting, don’t you think?

If you want to explore larger areas, you can actually walk from cabin to cabin, like the Peer Gynt cabin (pictured), or stay at a mountain hotel (one even has a spa).

Other areas you can use as a base include the Grimsdalen valley and the popular school camp destination Høvringen.

From Høvringen you can reach Formokampen mountain, a family-friendly hike with views that will amaze both children and adults.

You can even see ancient facilities for trapping reindeer along the trail.

You see, Rondane is not just about the high peaks. You can find other gems in the area too, like the rich animal life.

One of Norway’s last remaining wild reindeer herds lives here. Maybe you’ll see them on your way?

Or perhaps you want to meet “the King of the woods”? Join a moose safari on electric bikes, and maybe he’ll greet you.

And there is more! For centuries, rivers have dug their way through the landscape and created mesmerizing waterfalls, like Ulafossen and Brudesløret (pictured).

The lakes are nice locations for pit-stops as well. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, rent a canoe, or take a swim in the crystal-clear water. They are also great for fishing.

Trout for dinner, anyone?

Another highlight is the Norwegian Scenic Route Rondane. It is an unforgettable drive – so time to get that favourite road trip playlist ready!

Make sure you stop at Sohlbergplassen viewpoint. In harmony with nature, it frames the view of Rondane like it appears in Harald Sohlber’s famous painting “Winter night in the mountains.”

You can also visit the baroque styled Sollia church or take a drive to the Aukrust centre museum. If you have a sweet tooth, a stop at Sjokoladelåven (the chocolate barn) is a must. The road ends in Folldal.

Wondering what the highlands look like covered in snow?

Well, they are just as pretty. An eldorado for cross-country enthusiasts and ski touring fans.

If you want to make your way from cabin to cabin on cross-country skis, some tour providers offer to drive your luggage.

Another must-do is to ski the Troll Trail from Høvringen to Lillehammer.

Rain, sunshine or snow – Rondane is beautiful all year, regardless of season and weather.

So what’s holding you back?

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