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Kåfjord Kåfjord Kåfjord
Kåfjord Kåfjord
Photo: Magnus Ström / www.nordnorge.com / Kåfjord

Roam if you want to

In Norway everyone has the unrestricted right of free access in the countryside, ­including the national parks.

Outdoor recreation is a major part of the Norwegian national identity, and one reason for that is that we may go just about where we please. As long as it’s open country, the right of access – sometimes also known as the right to roam – ensures that we are free to enjoy the great outdoors to our heart’s content. And so can you, when you are here.

There are rules and regulations, of course, but these are not so many or so complicated that they are difficult to remember.

Originally, the right of access was a traditional right from ancient times, but since 1957 it’s been set out in the legislation governing the right to roam ("allemannsretten"), which ensures that everybody can enjoy nature on equal terms.

Its foundation, however, is this: Be considerate and thoughtful. Do no lasting damage, and leave the landscape as you would want to find it. Easy, isn’t it? 

As you can see, this right is based on respect for the countryside and visitors showing consideration for farmers and landowners, other users and the environment.

Leave it as you found it

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