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Camping and caravanning

Find the best places to camp

Freedom to go anywhere, anytime ...

... or just stay in one place for a while. 
Laughter, smiles and good times ...

... and lots of opportunities to meet cool, new friends! You're bound to get some, if you choose one of Norway's family-friendly campsites, full of fun activities.

There are more than a thousand campsites all across Norway that can offer a spot for your tent, caravan or motorhome, as well as campsite cabins of varying standards and prices.

Keep the accommodation costs to a minimum, or ... 

... splash out and stay in upscale luxury cottages.

Norwegian campsites are often situated in idyllic areas, close to mountains, fjords and lakes - and nice beaches. 

But you don't have to leave the city – camping options are also found just a short distance from the city center.

Find the campsite that suits you.

Some campsites also offer quite unique accommodation, such as here on the river bank in the River suite on Jølstraholmen.

Or do you find the wilderness more tempting?

The right to roam allows you to set up tents or hammocks completely free, most places in Norway.

But that requires you to follow some easy rules:

  • Tents and motorhomes must be at least 150 meters from inhabited houses and cabins.

  • Avoid private properties and farmland.

  • Show consideration for your surroundings.

  • Take your rubbish back home

  • Go far away from the campsite and rivers when you have "to go", and dig a hole that you cover with soil afterwards.

Why not let the animals tell you their house rules?

However, in some popular tourist areas, especially in Lofoten in Northern Norway and some places in Fjord Norway, there are restrictions on free camping, mainly during summer. 

In these places you must pitch your tent on a camping site. Always ask a local if you are not sure. 

If you're more the "comfy bed and warm duvets" kind of person, then glamping might be your thing.

It's full of modern conveniences!

Another popular trend sweeping the nation is "hammocking".

Please be aware that you have to follow the same rules as for tenting in the wilderness and avoid doing this in very popular tourist areas.

You don't need to bring your own hammock, several providers have hammock camps around Norway, even on top of a mountain and inside an old tunnel.

And a little tip from us to you:

If you're heading out in July, it's smart to book a spot in the popular tourist areas early on, or call before you arrive!

And remember that many Norwegian roads are very narrow, so take extra caution when driving a caravan or a motorhome. Some roads are also closed for this kind of traffic.

Bridges can also be closed for periods due to strong wind. This also applies to several of our National Scenic Routes.

Read more tips on what to think of if travelling with a motorhome in Norway.

Practical campsite information

At most campsites you can book a spot or cabin in advance, with varying standards – from simple bunk beds and shared toilets, to large and well-equipped cabins with a terrace, living room, separate bedrooms, kitchen, shower and toilet.

Classification of cabins:

It's becoming increasingly popular to rent camping cabins, so it's a good idea to plan and book as early as you can. Please note that the cabin standards are measured independently and not based on the campsite standard. For example, a two-star campground may have five-star cabins. 

* Cottage with one room and simple furnishings.

** Addition to the above: Electricity (light, heating, refrigerator, cooking facilities, etc.) The cottage can have several rooms. 

*** Addition to the above: Water supply near the cottage, separate bedrooms. Built-in water can possibly replace separate bedrooms. 

**** Addition to the above: Built-in hot and cold water, toilet, shower and kitchen equipped for cooking and eating. One living room and a minimum of one bedroom.

***** Addition to the above: Hotel standard with self-catering facilities.

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If you don't have your own caravan or motorhome, you can always rent one.

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