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Practical campsite information

At most campsites you can book a spot or cabin in advance, with varying standards – from simple bunk beds and shared toilets, to large and well-equipped cabins with a terrace, living room, separate bedrooms, kitchen, shower and toilet.

Classification of cabins:

It's becoming increasingly popular to rent camping cabins, so it's a good idea to plan and book as early as you can. Please note that the cabin standards are measured independently and not based on the campsite standard. For example, a two-star campground may have five-star cabins. 

* Cottage with one room and simple furnishings.

** Addition to the above: Electricity (light, heating, refrigerator, cooking facilities, etc.) The cottage can have several rooms. 

*** Addition to the above: Water supply near the cottage, separate bedrooms. Built-in water can possibly replace separate bedrooms. 

**** Addition to the above: Built-in hot and cold water, toilet, shower and kitchen equipped for cooking and eating. One living room and a minimum of one bedroom.

***** Addition to the above: Hotel standard with self-catering facilities.

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