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Arctic domes, yurts, hanging cocoons, glass igloos, Sami lavvus, and ice hotel igloos. Thanks to glamping, short for glamorous camping, you can comfortably venture into the wild any time of year. Check out your options for a truly extraordinary camping experience in Norway.

A cross between a posh hotel and a campsite – that’s glamping in a nutshell. Imagine the convenience of a hotel room combined with the freedom of camping in the wild. The phenomenon has filled a gap for everyone who wants to be close to nature without the potential hassle associated with regular camping. There’s no need to carry heavy equipment around, and you can forget about cold sleeping bags and leaking tents.

Norway has a full range of glamping options that will transform your visit into an experience lightyears away from a regular holiday, without having to sacrifice any of your comforts.

To help you find your perfect glamping spot, we have compiled a list of unique suggestions around the country. As most of them are fully equipped with large comfy beds, electricity, and maybe even a fireplace, you can enjoy Norwegian wilderness at all seasons.

1. A dome with a view

A foolproof way to turn your holiday into an unforgettable experience is to stay in one of Norway’s dome tents. These light but robust constructions provide maximum comfort, no matter the season or the weather.

2. Yurt glamping

Traditionally used by nomads in central Asia, yurts have spread to all corners of the world in recent years. Today’s glamping yurts usually come with all mod cons, sometimes even with a private bathroom.

3. A hanging cocoon

Few people can claim to have spent a night in a cocoon suspended in the air between the trees – but you can be one of them! Drift off to sleep under a warm duvet, two metres off the ground.

4. Glass igloo

Stargazing in a remote area far away from the city lights is a valuable experience. Stargazing in a private glass igloo with 180-degree floor-to-ceiling windows while snuggling up in bed is priceless. And if you keep your fingers crossed, the stars may be accompanied by northern lights!

5. Lavvus, luxury tents and teepees

The Sami, Norway’s indigenous population, used lavvo tents as temporary dwellings to be able to follow their reindeer herds. Today, lavvos serve an additional purpose as a fun way for glampers to get a glimpse of the traditional Sami way of life.

6. Ice hotels

Live the ultimate winter wonderland dream with a night or two in an ice hotel. Elaborately decorated in snow and ice, you keep snug and warm thanks to thermal sleeping bags and thick blankets.

7. Unique camping cabins

Camping cabins are a great option when you need shelter for the night. And while it's simple, it doesn't have to be boring. Try one night in a cozy "pod" or stylish "cone hut".

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