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Stay awake just a little bit longer.

Will you spot another shooting star?

Wake up to the warming sunlight.

And to the sounds of the gentle breeze blowing through the trees.

Enjoy the breathtaking view while planning your day.

Woodnest in Odda, Fjord Norway, is a destination in itself, but also a good basecamp for exploring iconic hikes like Trolltunga.

Imagine enjoying your dinner here!

Some Norwegian treehouses may remind you of an advanced version of a treehouse you built in the woods as a child.

While other Norwegian treehouses have a design that fascinates architects and design lovers worldwide, like Trekronå, in Ogna in the Stavanger region.

This treehouse in Kaupanger in Sogndal has been called "a Norse luxury oasis".

Ramnereiret has a design inspired by Norwegian stave churches and Viking Age architecture.

Have you tried forest bathing? Drive an hour and a half south-west of Oslo to Laagen, where you can lounge, suspended high above the ground, and stay in your very own treehouse or unique glass container cabin beside the river.

Snow-covered trees is a magical sight.

Spend the night in one of PAN's award-winning treehouses, which tower eight meters above the Finnskogen forest floor.

Join a wolf safari. If you're lucky, you can hear the wolves howl when the moon is out.

Or bring your friends along to a silent and magical winter night in the Brumunddal tree top cabins in Eastern Norway.

Or relax on your very own island in the woods in Southern Norway.

The island treehouse at TreeTop Fiddan was built in a sustainable way and merge with the surrounding nature.

Soak in the hot tub or spend time with someone special on the 'lovers' bench' by the waterfront.

Sleeping in a treehouse is actually very comfortable, especially at Himmelhyttene in Stord, Fjord Norway.

Most of the treehouses are equipped with a kitchen, lounge area, and soft, comfortable beds. Many of them are also big enough to sleep one or two families.

For more unforgettable nights, check out the wide selection of unique places to stay in Norway.

Wake up in the treetops

Find your treehouse

Discover Norway's Good Places!

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